Terms & Conditions

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on.

Online Curtains is the top-notch company that is leading this business with the proper protocols and guidelines about its featured amenities. To acquire our legit services, esteemed consumers have to follow certain terms and rules that will ensure the ideal deal between the company and the clients. Customers are obliged to follow the end-user license agreement with all the essential details formulated by the company. As per these terms and conditions, you can have all the contractual rights to get our favorable services.

Our Exclusive Products & Amenities

We are more than pleased to provide you with stunningly versatile and insanely durable window-hanging treatments that are made from sustainably sourced materials. Our brand rightfully claims to supply exclusive products and we have all the copyrights for our featured services and home furnishing items. On our online site, you can check out the product gallery where all of our products are ideally visualized to have a complete idea of quality and design.

The graphical images displayed on our website are evidence of our accomplished projects for luxury curtains and their installation. These images were collected while doing the projects but we gladly welcome you to visit our workshop to explore our made-to-measure collection. Aside from ordering samples of products online for free, you can get our additional amenity of curtains customization. However, you are not allowed to ask for a product amendment, because we don’t offer flexibility for it.

Textile Materials & Products Crafting

The fabrication of our innovatively designed items is 100% guaranteed because high-quality and imported materials are used in the manufacturing process of these curtains. Besides product quality, you might notice the slightest change in the color tone of the curtains in real life than shown in graphical images due to the light effects. However, you are allowed to claim the replacement if you get a product entirely different from your specified details.

We assure you that you won’t find any defects in the products that are being delivered. If it happens in any case, you can get the product replaced right away. For the in-home services, we will come to your intended places to measure your room windows.

Accurate Measurements For Customized Products

For bespoke window hanging treatments, we will send our professional and knowledgeable handymen to inspect the window type and take proper measurements. Our team will ask for your concern and approval before proceeding with anything. You can show us your ideal design for curtains to get your products customized the way you like.

We assure you to provide products that will be identical to your design statement in terms of colors, designs, size, and style. For custom-tailored products, you can ask for the alterations before we proceed as we will not be responsible for the alterations after the product is delivered to your threshold.

Rules For Made-To-Order Products

Our criteria for the made-to-order window hanging treatments are as follows:

  • We take your order for the product from our ready-made collection according to your design statement.
  • You can ask to change the product details like color and design when we call you to confirm the order.
  • You can tell us at the time or book your time slot after for the curtain installation at home.

Procedure For Your Order Processing

As far as the order processing is concerned, you can avail of our services via different communication means.

Use Online Website

Our website Onlinecurtain is the most official source to get in touch with us where you can request a free cost estimate for any product and ask for our consultations as well, regarding customized products.

Through Phone Call

The other way to get in touch with us is to call our client’s representative team. You can book your order for the desired product and we’ll confirm it so make sure to provide the correct details.

Order Via Whatsapp

You can directly approach us through WhatsApp as well, where you will tell us all the essential details regarding the product. We will not be accountable for any misleading information provided by you.

Order Cancellation Or Refund Policy

If you are in any situation and you want to cancel the order, you will need to go through the rules and restrictions.

  • If you are canceling the order due to any reason, it will be applicable for a certain time.
  • While for the refund, we’ll demand you a picture of the defect in our manufacturing with a detailed description.
  • For the product return case, it will only be applicable if you are not satisfied with the product quality or it is damaged.
  • We will take responsibility and notify you when the products will be returned to us.

Payment Methods

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Bank Transfer

Note: As per the contractual rights allotted by the company we have the legal right to cancel the order if the shipment area doesn’t come into our region. To avoid future conflicts, it is crucial to go through these concepts and guidelines and get favorable outcomes with no troubles out of product purchases.