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We offer versatile and low-maintenance varieties of nursery curtains in Dubai.

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Trendy Curtain Types We Offer For Nurseries

Have a look at these popular nursery curtain styles we offer. Our luxurious, soft, lightweight, and comfortable curtain fabrics will help you design the safest and most attractive baby rooms.

  • Blackout Nursery
  • Nursery Sheer
  • Thermal Curtains For Nurseries
  • Gender-neutral Nursery
  • Animal Print Nursery Drapes
  • Floral Curtains For Nursery
  • Creative Patterned Curtains

Providing Online Servicing For Kids’ Room Curtain

You can shop for our premium-quality curtains online for nurseries and daycare centers in all areas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our outlets are also available for walk-in shopping experience.

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Our High Quality Curtains Are Best Suitable For All Places

In addition to nurseries, our curtains are also a great choice for kids’ and toddlers’ bedrooms. They can be used for sliding doors, french doors, patio doors and all types of room windows for a beautiful and inviting decor. We stock various options of playful nursery and kids’ room wall/ window coverings that engage creativity and imagination.

Baby Curtains

Baby Curtains

We provide specialized high-quality & non-toxic curtains for infant rooms and nurseries.

Nursery Blackout Curtains

Nursery Blackout Curtains

Our blackout nursery curtains, also come with cute animal prints, provide better sleep quality.

Nursery Sheer Curtains

Nursery Sheer Curtains

We offer classy, attractive, and stain-resistant curtains for guest rooms.

Organic Cotton Curtains

Organic Cotton Curtains

We provide organic cotton nursery curtains for sensitive skin, ensuring maximum safety.

Gender-Neutral Curtains

Gender-Neutral Curtains

Our gender-neutral nursery curtains in soft pastels will help design versatile nurseries.

Voile Drapes

Voile Drapes

We provide high-quality voile curtains for the finest decoration and noise reduction.

Polyester Kids’ Curtains

Polyester Kids’ Curtains

These easy-to-clean and durable curtains will make the perfect baby room decor.

Linen Curtains

Linen Curtains

Our breathable curtains help keep nurseries and children’s rooms warm and cozy.

Explore Our Playful Curtain Designs For Styling Your Baby’s Room

We offer the most eye-catching, creative, and whimsical designs, patterns, and colors for nurseries and toddlers’ rooms. You can also get custom designed curtains from us.

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Our professionals are 24/7 available to provide kids bedroom window styling ideas..

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Get Our Expert Services For Nursery Drape Installations

Online Curtains offers skillful, fast, and affordable window curtain installation services for residential and commercial nurseries, kids’ rooms, toddlers’ bedrooms and other areas. Our services will create the most attractive, safe, warm, comfortable, and inspiring decor for your young ones, helping to improve their imagination and creativity. Book our discounted services today!

Our Latest Gallery Of Curtains For Nurseries

Shop for unique and classy curtains in florals, animal prints, and whimsical patterns.

Top Beneficial Features Of Our Baby Room Curtains

Effective Light Blocking

Our light blocking curtains will make your kids sleep easily and peacefully.

Security And Privacy

Privacy Protection

These curtains will ensure complete safety and security for your young ones.

Outstanding Decoration

Our curtains feature greatly attractive prints, patterns, and colors to engage children.

Temperature Regulation

Our thick and air-filtering curtains will create the ideal balance of temperature.

Easy And Cheap Maintenance_1 icon

Easy Maintenance

Our nursery and children’s rooms curtains are convenient to manage and maintain.

Unique Window Styling

Child-Friendly Designs And Patterns

Our curtains come with appealing, age, and gender appropriate prints and patterns.

Stunning Nursery Curtains Dubai

Why Choose Us?

Online Curtains is the top-notch provider of nursery interior curtains in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We offer the most versatile and suitable range of kids and baby curtains to help you design ideal nursery and children’s bedroom decors. Our organic, child-safe, and durable curtains will ensure various health benefits and complete protection for your precious children.

Valuable Notes From Customers

Go through the priceless comments of our previous customers before you decide on making any purchases.

“Satisfying Quality Curtains”

I got my baby girl’s room decorated by their professionals and it was a completely satisfying experience. The quality of their curtains is incredibly fine and safe for kids. Besides, they are really effective at blocking light which helps my baby sleep easily.

Verified Buyer

“Highly Recommended”

They have the most eye-catching curtain designs available for all genders and ages. I got my desired curtains for my twins’ bedroom and they’ve been loving their new curtains. Plus, the pricing at their shop is really affordable. Highly recommended from my side!

Verified Buyer

“Stylish Decoration Ideas”

Their professionals not only installed the curtains in my day care center super quickly but also provided me with various useful decoration ideas. All thanks to their curtains, the whole area’s decor gets appreciated by all parents and visitors. Best experience!

Verified Buyer

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

Never have curtains with any hanging objects like beads, cords or tassels in nurseries. Prioritize fire-retardant curtains for extra safety. Keep the curtains tied up and away from cribs, cots or beds, other furniture and floor. You can also use automatic mechanisms for this purpose.

Yes, blackout window curtains are one of the best choices for a toddler or infant’s room. These curtains block light and noises and help with maintaining proper sleeping schedules. Besides, the room darkening also makes it easy to put a child to sleep by minimizing distractions.

Curtains in a nursery or toddlers’ room should be short and away from the reach of children. You should install your curtain rods higher and have window-length or cafe-style curtains to prevent any accidents. Tier style curtains are also a good recommendation in this regard.

This entirely depends on the age and gender of your kids. However, it can be favorable to invest in soft or pastel colored curtains and those with minimal patterns or prints as such curtain styles are gender neutral and versatile. Sheers and ripple fold curtains are some other options.

Go for daily curtain dusting and vacuuming to keep dust and allergens away. Occasionally you can wash the curtains in a machine or by hand. Make sure to use mild detergents and rinse out all the cleaner residue before hanging the curtains back.

Choose soft, smooth, flowing and insulating curtain fabrics for your kids’ rooms. Additionally, the fabric should be hypoallergenic, UV resistant, and free from toxins and chemicals. If possible, invest in organic materials like organic cotton curtains Dubai for ensuring safety.

Certainly! Thermal window curtains are a great choice for kids’ rooms and nurseries as they can keep the area naturally warm for longer periods of time. This is especially true for the rooms of infants and for areas that are extremely cold. Also, these curtains help with energy efficiency.

Yes, we provide a range of eco-friendly and healthy curtain options for nurseries such as organic cotton nursery curtains for sensitive skin, line, hemp, bamboo, soy fabric and various other upcycled fabrics. These curtains ensure healthy air quality indoors.

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