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Durable Venetian Blinds Dubai

We Offer A Variety Of Venetian Blinds For Homes & Offices

Our venetian window blinds feature a unique horizontal slatted structure and they are a sleek and timeless choice for all areas. These blinds can be made of various materials and offer maximum light control, blinds privacy protection, and decor benefits.

  • Real Wood Venetian Blinds
  • Faux Wood Venetian Shades
  • Venetian Aluminum Blinds
  • Venetian Vinyl Blinds
  • Micro Venetian Blinds
  • Venetian Mini Blinds
  • Venetian Cordless Shades
  • Venetian Motorized Blinds

Premium Venetian Window Shades for Stylish Makeover Across Dubai and Abu Dhabi”

You can buy our premium-quality and exceptionally long-lasting venetian window shades online and give your rooms an entirely new look. The cost of these blinds is the lowest at our platform and you can have our quick and efficient services in all Dubai and Abu Dhabi localities.

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Areas To Install Our Venetian Blinds 

Venetian Window coverings are a classic choice for both modern and traditional home decors and they also make a great commercial-grade window treatment. Also, you can use these blinds both indoors and outdoors and enjoy a significant improvement in the comfort and attractiveness of your places. These blinds work wonders for all types and shapes of window, skylights, and doors.



These blinds help with comfortable sleeping due to light and privacy control.

Living Rooms

Living Rooms

Venetian shades are a heavy-duty & low-maintenance option for living room windows.



These blinds are durable, water-resistant, easy to clean, and offer complete privacy.



You can create a bright, airy, and inviting kitchen with our high-quality blinds.

Home Offices

Home Offices

Venetian shades come in attractive and decent solid colors for workspace windows.



You can enjoy effective noise reduction and light control in study rooms.



Our weather-resistant venetian coverings can beautify and protect all outdoor spaces.

Moisture-Prone Areas

Moisture-Prone Areas

These blinds are an excellent choice for temperature regulation and humidity control.

Get Versatile Design Options For Venetian Blinds From Us

We offer a range of trendsetting design, color, size and slat orientation options for venetian window blinds, helping you beautify your homes with ease. Moreover, there are multiple material and customization possibilities available too.

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Buy Our Budget-friendly Venetian Shades In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Our venetian classic blinds are an incredibly popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Buy Now!

Classic Venetian Blinds Dubai

Choose Our Experts For The Finest Blind Installations 

We are always available to serve you with not just the best window treatment products but also with the complete range of services. Our venetian window blind installations are the most effective approach to attractive-looking, bright, warm, comfortable, and easy to maintain interiors. We provide the most pocket-friendly servicing in the UAE.

Our Trendy Venetian Indoor And Outdoor Blind Styles

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Unique Features Of Our Venetian Window Coverings

Easy Maintenance

Flexible Working

These blinds come with easy-to-handle slats which can be used for multiple purposes.

Effective Light Control

Effective Light Blocking

These blinds are excellent for sun-facing homes as they offer maximum room darkening.

Excellent Room Insulation

Maximum Insulation

You can keep your interiors warm and pleasant with our energy efficient blinds.

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Easy Maintenance

Cleaning and maintain Venetian Window Blinds is extremely easy & quite low-cost.

Durable Functionality

Our blinds offer prolonged working and give a good value for the money.

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Customization Choices

From construction material to color, every aspect of these blinds can be personalized.

Customized Venetian Blinds Dubai

Why Choose Us?

Venetian Blinds Dubai is another exclusive and luxurious window treatment by Online CurtainsThese blinds are the best package of benefits of cost-effectivity for homeowners, and a smart way to design impressive decors. We provide Venetian shutters and blinds in multiple aesthetic options for every space and requirement.

What Our Customers Love About Our Services

Up ahead, are some of our most outstanding testimonials that reflect the happiness of our customers. These reviews will help you make up your mind.

“Affordable Quality Material”

This brand has the best quality venetian window blinds in the entire Dubai. I got their blinds for my living rooms and they have done wonders for improving the beauty and comfort of the whole area. Besides, the pricing is surprisingly affordable!

Verified Buyer

“Recommended Brand Service”

Their professionals helped me pick the best window shades for my bedroom. The venetian shades I got from this brand have been true comfort providers for me and they have significantly improved my sleep quality as well. I will highly recommend this brand.

Verified Buyer

“Attractive Window Look”

I had their blind installation services for my bedroom and hallway and this was a wonderful experience. They completed the installation job in no time, despite the odd and problematic shapes of my windows and gave them the most attractive look. Best services!

Verified Buyer

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

Our Venetian Blinds feature horizontal slats which can be flexibly tilted, lowered and raised in all desired directions. The efficient movement of these blinds helps with light control, privacy protection, room brightness or darkness, noise reduction, and temperature regulation.

Yes, the slats of venetian window blinds can be completely closed or tilted to prevent heat from entering. This will also increase the efficiency of your air conditioner and lead to a lesser need for air conditioning over time. The same goes for room insulation through venetian style blinds.

For areas that are highly or moderately moisture-prone, you should choose Aluminum, Vinyl, or Faux Wood material blinds. These materials are not just highly moisture, mold and mildew resistant, but are also easy to clean, which makes them a practical choice.

Proper care and maintenance can make the venetian shades last for a good 12 years. These blinds are incredibly sturdy, resistant to most of the damaging factors and convenient to care for as well. All these factors make them a useful and value-for-money investment.

Wooden venetian blinds are the best choice if you want to prevent heat loss from your places and make them more energy-efficient. Moreover, our blinds give out a beautiful and valuable look as well. However, if your desired place has high humidity levels, opt for faux wood blinds.

For cleaning faux wood, vinyl, and aluminum venetian coverings, you can use a damp microfiber fabric, followed by dry wiping. Diluted vinegar and commercial cleaners can be used occasionally for better cleaning. For real wood blinds, wood cleaners can be used effectively.

Venetian Dubai-based Blinds come in three main styles, which are horizontal (slats move horizontally across the window), vertical (slats move vertically down the window) and pleated (slats are made of fabric and fold upwards) ones. You can select according to your taste and convenience.

The starting price for these blinds is AED 150 per square meter and it can reach up to 250 AED per square meter, depending on the material, measurements, number of windows and customization requirements. These blinds are cost-effective, multifunctional, and beneficial.

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