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We offer the finest window and shower curtains for bathrooms.

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Buy bathroom curtains online and choose from our luxurious and high-quality selection. Our shop features a variety of options, ensuring a perfect fit for any bathroom style, whether traditional or modern.

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We provide both casual and luxurious blackout window treatment options for bathroom windows. Whether you have a traditional theme bathroom or a modern one, our curtain varieties stock a perfect piece for every requirement.

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We provide window treatment products and services all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and you can enjoy shopping for our premium-quality curtains online. Our curtain prices are highly pocket-friendly, offering affordable shower curtains for sale. We ensure quick delivery and installation services at an affordable rate.

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Our Bathroom Area Curtains Are Highly Versatile And Useful

We provide entirely beneficial and multifunctional curtain options for bathrooms that will improve your bathroom’s decor and ease of usage. From shower stalls to bathroom windows, we have the most suitable curtain choices available for every spot, helping you stay comfortable all the time. Other than curtain provision, we also ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains

We provide the trendiest styles of waterproof shower curtains.

Bathroom Drapes

Bathroom Window Drapes

Our bathroom curtains will ensure complete privacy & decor enhancement.

Vinyl Curtains

Vinyl Curtains

Our curtains are highly durable, easy to clean, and water-resistant.

PEVA Curtains

PEVA Curtains

Our Polyethylene Acetate Curtains are completely non-toxic, VOC-free, and eco-friendly.

Cotton Curtains

Cotton Curtains

These curtains are soft, breathable, lightweight, and resistant to moisture .

Polyester Curtains

Polyester Curtains

Our curtains are mold and mildew resistant and extremely durable.

Extra Long Shower Curtains

Extra Long Shower Curtains

Our curtains offer complete privacy and are excellent for area-dividing.

Microfiber Shower Curtains

Microfiber Shower Curtains

Our shower area curtains are easy to wash, stain-resistant, and quick absorbing.

Our Stylish Bathroom Curtains Dubai Varieties

At our shop, you’ll get to explore the widest curtain collections for bathrooms and shower cubicles. You can also order custom shower curtains and designs from us.

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Best Bathroom Curtains Dubai

Get Quick and Easy Curtain Installation for Your Bathroom

Online Curtains provides you with complete, efficient, and quick window treatments at your doorstep. Our curtain installation services are available for shower stalls, bathroom windows, shower enclosures, bathtubs, and bathroom doors. This amazing service will beautify your bathrooms, give them a luxurious look, and improve their safety and air quality. Purchase bathroom curtains today and transform your space.

Our Bathroom Drape Fabric Ranges 2024

Shop for our heavy-duty shower area curtains at up to 30% off.

Benefits Of Purchasing Our High-Quality Shower Stall Curtains

Separation And Privacy

Our bathroom and shower drapes provide full privacy and effective space division.

Water Control

Water Control

These curtains help prevent water splashes, keeping the floors dry and safe.

Improved Decor

Our decorative shower curtains are available in unique solid colors and patterns.

Reduced Sunlight Glare

Light Reduction

These curtains reduce sunlight glare and offer complete control over incoming light.

Easy Maintenance Requirements

Easy Maintenance

These curtains are extremely low-maintenance and help keep the bathroom interiors clean.

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Health And Safety

Our curtains will effectively improve your bathroom’s air quality and walking safety.

Classic Bathroom Curtains Dubai

Why Choose Us?

At Online Curtains, we provide the most luxurious and durable curtains for shower enclosures and bathroom windows. You can also get our area-defining curtains to give your bathroom the most attractive decor. Our opaque and sheer curtains will provide you with various health benefits and hygienic interiors. Don’t miss out on our discount on bathroom curtains for the best deals.

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Take a look at how our home improvement products and services always manage to gain 100% customer satisfaction.

“Waterproof & Attractive Desings”

I got their classy shower area curtains for my newly designed bathroom and their quality is so fine. These curtains are completely waterproof and feature really attractive designs. They’ve given a luxurious spa-like look to my bathroom. Best Curtain Brand In Dubai!

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“Versatile Variety Of Curtains”

This shop has the most versatile variety of shower and bathroom drapes. I used to think that these curtains come in limited designs but I was amazed by their collection. Thanks to their flawless services, my bathroom looks super presentable now.

Verified Buyer

“Easy To Clean & Maintain”

Ever since I got their bathroom curtains, it has become incredibly easy for me to keep my bathroom floors dry and clean. These curtains are great at absorbing all the moisture and they are easy to clean as well. Also, there do not develop any nasty odors.

Verified Buyer

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing curtains for bathrooms, the best approach is to get light or neutral colored options. Such curtains are great at reflecting light and make the bathroom interior appear spacious and inviting. Additionally, you can also get small-scale and bright curtain patterns.

Striped, patterned, floral, checkered, block-print and solid-colored curtains are some of the most versatile and beautiful choices for bathrooms. Moreover, you can get ombre and gradient style curtains in complementing colors. Fun and whimsical patterns can also be a great choice.

Wipe clean your shower curtains regularly to prevent staining and preserve your curtains’ beauty. Read the care label on the curtains for washing instructions and remove the curtains for efficient washing. Use warm water and mild detergents for detailed cleaning and disinfecting.

Polyester, Vinyl, PEVA (Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate), Cotton, EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), Hemp, Bamboo and Linen Curtains are the most sustainable, eco-friendly, breathable, healthy and low-maintenance options for bathroom interiors.

Lining is required for natural curtain fabrics such as Cotton, Hemp and Linen because they can absorb moisture. Also, printed and patterned curtains may require lining for repelling water and preventing mold growth. PEVA and vinyl liners work best for curtains in bathrooms.

Bathroom window curtains should be window-length or cafe-style. However, if you want more privacy or light reduction, you can get full-length window and shower area curtains. Keep your curtains at least 3 inch above the floor so they don’t get wet and dirty.

Enable maximum ventilation by opening a window or using vents, to keep your curtains dry in the bathroom and/or shower cubicle. Squeeze the curtain panels and extend them fully after showering. Clean the curtains regularly to prevent mold buildup.

In general, these curtains weigh around 4 lb to 6 lb, depending on the length. However, sometimes hardware like heavy grommets can increase the weight of curtains. Natural fabric curtains and vinyl curtains are lightweight and easy to handle, hence perfect for shower stalls.

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