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Latest Pencil Pleat Curtain Styles We Offer

We have the most versatile range of pleated window curtains, best suitable for every area. In addition, you can also get your desired curtain types custom designed by us for added benefits and comfort. These are the popular curtain types available at our shop.

  • Classic Pencil Pleated Curtains
  • Double Pencil Pleat Drapes
  • Patterned Pleated Curtains
  • Plain Pleated Curtains
  • Ombre Style Curtains
  • Pleated Gradient Curtains
  • Silk Curtains With Pleats
  • Velvet Curtains With Pleats

We Supply Pleated Curtains All Over Dubai and All Over UAE

Our pencil pleat thermal curtain products and services are available both online and in store. You can get free curtain samples from us and quick doorstep deliveries. Additionally, we provide all kinds of consultation services in all areas of Dubai and over UAE to help you choose the best pencil window curtains.

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Spaces To Beautify With Our Pencil-like Pleated Curtains

Our pencil style pleated drapes are the finest, most versatile and classy window treatment choice for all areas and they never go out of fashion. These curtains can instantly beautify any place and work wonders for both modern and traditional interior designs. If you want to give your rooms an interior-defining look on a budget, our pencil pleat curtains are the ideal choice.

Living Room

Living Room

Pencil patterned pleat curtains give a welcoming look to living rooms.



These curtains will maintain a private, warm, and comfortable bedroom environment.

Dining Room

Dining Room

Our curtains are a decorative and affordable choice for dining room interiors.

Home Office

Home Office

We offer plain Pencil pleat curtains for presentable home office decors



These drapes are a great and completely safe choice for nurseries.

Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms

Our drapes with pleats will beautify formal settings and guest bedrooms.

Formal Receptions

Formal Receptions

Because of their functionality, these curtains are excellent to use in formal areas.

Traditional Decors

Traditional Decors

Our classic pencil pleat style curtains best suit traditional interior themes.

Get Wide Range Of Fabrics & Colors From Us For Window Styling

Our pencil pleat curtain varieties are equally suitable for all kinds of decor themes, window types and individual preferences. Plus, our curtains are versatile and can be used in a variety of living rooms.

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Get Quick, Economical, & Beautiful Curtain Treatments In Dubai

We provide free doorstep curtain sampling, measurement servicings, and quotations.

Perfect Pencil Pleat Curtains Dubai

Choose Our Experts For The Finest Curtain Fittings 

The professionals at Online Curtains will design the most eye-catching, comfortable, warm, and pleasant interiors for you with exemplary curtain installations. In addition to flawless curtain fittings, we also provide fixing, customization, and accessorizing services for all kinds of curtain fabrics. Our services are fast, affordable, and best suited for all shapes and types of windows and doors.

Explore Our Trendy Range Of Pencil Pleat Curtain Dubai Styles

You can easily choose from our latest variety of fabrics and colors to match your décor theme.

Reasons For Buying Our High-quality Pencil Style Pleated Curtains

Classic And Versatile Decor

Our curtains are the most versatile treatment for both modern and traditional decors.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Care And Adjustments

Our curtains are the easiest to clean, maintain, and can be adjusted effortlessly.

Privacy Protection

Complete Privacy Protection

The classy pleats and thick fabrics of these curtains prevent viewing from outside.

Effective Noise Reduction

These curtains are great for minimizing unnecessary noises & maintaining calm interiors.

Complete Light Control

Flexible Light Control

With these backed curtains, you can have complete incoming light control and management.

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Durable And Cost-Effective

Our curtains are an extremely long-lasting, timeless, and value-for-money home improvement element.

Reliable Pencil Pleat Curtains Dubai

Why Choose Us?

Online Curtains is the top-rated supplier of the most unique, durable and attractive Pencil Pleat Curtains Dubaifor residential and commercial spaces. Our classy curtains with pencil style pleats will be the finest decorative addition to your places and will help you give a well-put-together look to every spot while also enhancing coziness. Shop today for amazing deals!

Valuable Notes From Customers

Have a look at how our previous customers have expressed their satisfaction and happiness with our window treatments.

“Amazing and Comfortable”

I got their Pencil pleat window coverings for my guest bedroom and the results were really amazing. These beautiful curtains have given a wonderful look to the whole space and make the room incredibly comfortable and welcoming. Mind-blowing experience!

Verified Buyer

“Suitable Window Treatment”

This brand has an amazing variety of pleated window curtains and no matter how unique your home decor is, you can always find a suitable treatment from here. I got their curtains for my bay windows and they couldn’t look more presentable!

Verified Buyer

“Cozy Environment”

Ever since I got their thick pencil-look pleated curtains, I can easily control the amount of light that enters my room. These curtains are not just great at light blocking but also add a very cozy sensation to the entire room. Exceptional window treatment services!

Verified Buyer

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

These curtains are the most versatile and classic choice for covering and beautifying your windows. They are easy to handle, offer effective light and noise blockage, protect privacy, and give out a luxurious look. Besides, they can be used to make any room appear spacious.

Nearly all kinds of fabrics can be used for making these curtains. If you want a more casual window look, choose lightweight fabrics like linen, cotton or polyester. Whereas, if you require a luxurious window and room decor, opt for heavy fabrics like silk, velvet and blackout.

The width of these curtains should be between 2.2 and 2.5 times the width of your window frame. This kind of fullness will ensure the formation of accurate and fuller pleats and will also cover the window completely, leading to privacy maintenance, and light and noise control.

Regular vacuum cleaning and dusting are the best ways to maintain your curtains and to make them last long. In case of any stains or spills, you can perform spot cleaning with suitable agents. Depending on the fabric type, the curtains can be machine or hand washed occasionally.

The most recommendable technique is to measure from the top of your window frame all the way to the floor. Add up to 8 cm to it for hems and this should be your ideal curtain length. For the best results, we recommend hiring our professionals for window measurements to prevent inaccuracy and product wastage.

Yes, pencil pleated curtains can be installed directly on the curtain rod or pole. Doing so creates a traditional window look and is great for minimizing any leaking light rays. However, if you face any trouble in this kind of hanging, you can always use hooks or rings for easy fitting.

The hooks on these curtain panels should be up to 4 inches apart and they can also be spaced as per every 4 to 6 pockets, depending on the kind of look you want. For example, if you want a swooped curtain look, you can place the curtain hooks up to a distance of 12 inches.

Per a standard recommendation, one curtain ring should be used for every 8 to 10 cm of the curtain pole. Similarly, four rings can be used for every 300 cm and heavier curtains require more. This ultimately depends on the thickness of your curtain fabric and the type of heading you want.

Measure/Install Guide

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