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Modern Vertex Blinds Dubai

Presenting Unique Types Of Vertex Blinds For Indoors & Outdoors

Our vertex window treatments are a unique and innovative version of traditional vertical blinds. These blinds are a smart combination of vertical blinds and classic curtains and give out an eye-catching look. They are suitable for every window type and have flexible fabricated louvers for smooth movements.

  • Vertex Polyester Blinds
  • Vertex Blackout Shades
  • Vertex Light Filtering Blinds
  • Vertex PVC Shades
  • Vertex Floor-to-ceiling Blinds
  • Outdoor Vertex Blinds
  • Vertex Sun Shades
  • Custom Vertex Blinds

Ensuring 100% Vertex Window Covering Treatments AT Fair Rates

We provide the fastest and most efficient window treatment services all across the UAE. In addition to high-quality window blinds, we also provide installation, customization, fixing, sampling and consultation services for all kinds of blinds. You can avail our cost-effective services entirely on a budget.

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Explore The Versatility Of Our Vertex Modern Blinds 

Our Vertex coverings are the finest, most attractive, and long-lasting option for every type and shape of windows. These blinds are equally presentable and low-maintenance for residential and commercial rooms. They can be a great choice to consider if the look of classic vertical blinds doesn’t match your decor idea and you want a more soft-looking and flexible window treatment.

Large Windows

Large Windows

Our blinds can effectively cover and beautify large sized windows and openings.

French Doors

French Doors

You can give the perfect covering to french doors with our high-quality vertex blinds.

High Ceilings

High Ceilings

These floor-to-ceiling blinds are an excellent choice for rooms with high ceilings.

Patio Doors

Patio Doors

Ensure light control and privacy protection with our vertex patio door blinds.

Balcony Glass Panels

Balcony Glass Panels

The soft and attractive look of these blinds will make balconies attractive.

Bi-Folding Doors

Cordless Blinds

Vertex shades are the most convenient and flexible covering for bi-fold doors.

Large Bay Windows

Large Bay Windows

Our vertex style blinds can effectively cover and enhance bay shaped windows.


Sun Filtering

These blinds make an excellent weather-resistant and low-maintenance treatment for skylights.

Style Your Place’s Decor With Our Vertex Blinds Dubai

We provide vertex modern blinds in a range of fabric, color, print, pattern, shade and finish options. You can get all kinds of choices at our shop, such as motorized vertex window coverings and blinds for high ceilings.

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Design Your Desired Custom Vertex Blinds For Added Perks

Our experts will design the perfect luxury vertex shades with a modern twist for your places.

Perfect Vertex Blinds Dubai

Providing Quick & Flawless Vertex Window Covering Installations 

Online Curtains provides you with efficient and cost-effective window, door and skylight treatments. Our services will not just ideally beautify your windows but will also improve their overall functionality. You can also get made-to-measure vertex window blinds Dubai and design customizations from us at affordable rates.

Showcasing Our Vertex Modern Blinds Collections

Explore our latest gallery and enjoy improving your home window treatments

Highlighting Main Features Of Our Vertex Blinds

Unique Window Styling

Uniquely Designed Structure

These blinds have the most stylish appearance that suits every decor.

Complete Light Control

Effortless Light Control

With the flexible movement of these blinds, you can easily control sunlight.

Child And Pet Safe

These blinds are ideally favorable option for parents and/or pet owners.

Efficient Temperature Balancing

Effective Temperature Regulation

The thick fabrication of these window blinds keeps rooms insulated and comfortable.

Easy Maintenance Requirements

Minimal Maintenance Needs

These blinds are easy and effortless to clean and are highly stain-resistant.

Privacy Protection

Flawless Privacy Protection

The opaque fabrication of these smart blinds ensures maximum safety and security.

Versatile Vertex Blinds Dubai

Why Choose Us?

Vertex Blinds Dubai are one of the smartest and most versatile window, door,and skylight coverings by Online Curtains. Our blinds are the perfect option if you want to replace your traditional curtains with a more purposeful and easy-to-handle option. Shop today and get amazing discounts on these heavy-duty window blinds!

How Customers Found Our Products

We are the most renowned suppliers of unique and innovative window coverings in the UAE. Following are some of the latest reviews about our vertex window coverings.

Farhan Sameer
“Comfortable Interiors”

Having vertex blinds was an entirely new experience for me. I must say these blinds are way better than all of my previous window treatments. I love the soft and comforting look of these blinds and the way they have improved my interior’s comfort.

Verified Buyer

“Light and Noise Blocking”

Unlike my expectations, the prices for vertex luxury blinds are extremely affordable at their shop. I got these blinds for my bedroom and they are truly the best addition so far. I can easily block incoming light and noise and enjoy a comfortable time. Best experience!

Verified Buyer

Dua Fatima
“100% Attractive Material”

Their professionals carried out an extremely efficient blind installation job and truly transformed the look of my windows. Thanks to their excellence, my windows look really attractive and they also complement the rest of the room decor. 100% recommended!

Verified Buyer

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

Vertex Blinds are a mix of traditional vertical blinds and curtains. Their unique structure consists of individual fabricated louvers that hang freely. These heavy-duty blinds give out a more relaxed and agreeable look as compared to conventional stiff-looking vertical blinds.

These blinds have an extremely attractive, soft, and comforting appearance and they can be used in all areas. With their flexible operation, users can enjoy light and privacy control and optimize the room temperature. Also, they are easy to walk through and offer a pleasant outdoor view.

Vertex window blinds have a different structure and working mechanism than conventional vertical blinds. They are made of fabric, whereas vertical blinds feature stiff PVC or wood slats. Besides, the working of vertex window coverings is really smooth due to individual louvers.

These blinds can be easily dusted with a feather duster or with the soft brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. Mild soapy solutions can be used for spot cleaning and reviving purposes. Make sure to avoid harsh cleaners as they are likely to damage the fabric of these blinds.

These blinds are quite an affordable option of window treatment and they are extremely cost-effective and beneficial as well; justifying the price. Besides, they are more budget-friendly than a number of other window treatments like traditional curtains or high-end window blinds.

Yes, vertex window coverings are a great option for moisture-prone spaces because the fabric of these blinds features a specialized water-resistant coating. Hence they are completely free from moisture, mold or mildew damage can be used in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoors.

Yes! Vertex window coverings are an excellent and entirely safe option for busy households or homes with children and pets. That’s because they don’t have any hanging cords or chains which could pose the hazards of strangulation. Plus, the fabrication is lightweight and non-toxic.

Our Vertex-styled blinds are great at insulation as they are made from premium-quality and thick polyester fabric. This way, they stop heat loss through windows and can help with improving energy efficiency. Also, they can keep interiors cool in the summer with enough ventilation.

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