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Classic Hospital Blinds Dubai

Providing Lost-lasting Blind Types For Your Hospitals

We provide HIPPA compliant and NFPA compliant blinds and screens for hospitals and screens. All our blinds are designed according to CDC guidelines. These child-safe blinds are made to provide safety, privacy and light control. Moreover, they also help with infection control and are easy to maintain. The risk of cross-contamination can be effectively reduced with these blinds.

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Our high-quality and heavy-duty medical blinds efficiently contribute to the well-being of patients, workers and visitors by ensuring clean, hygienic, and well-protected spaces. Get a free quote on hospital blinds and enjoy quick, pocket-friendly window treatments.

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Areas To Treat With Our Healthcare Facility Blinds

We provide Blinds designed specifically to meet the standards of hospitals and healthcare facilities. All our blind and screen types are compliant with all relevant healthcare regulations. Besides, they are also backed by comprehensive warranty and customer support. You can expect long-lasting serviceability from our antimicrobial window treatments. In addition to hospitals, we also offer privacy blinds for clinics.

Patient Rooms

Patient Rooms

Our window blinds are specifically designed for increased patient comfort and dignity.

Operating Rooms

Operating Room

We offer water and stain-resistant blinds in easy-to-clean & antimicrobial materials.

Recovery Rooms

Recovery Rooms

Our blinds ensure reduced anxiety and stress & improved patient mood and well-being.

Nurses’ Stations

Nurses’ Stations

Our blinds offer reduced glare for improved patient comfort and staff productivity.

Waiting Rooms

Waiting Rooms

Our blinds are made of antimicrobial materials for reduced risk of cross-contamination.

Doctor’s Offices

Doctor’s Offices

Get our highly functional blinds that offer superior light control, privacy, and infection control.

Workers’ Cubicles

Workers’ Cubicles

Our easy-to-operate blinds offer complete light and noise control for maximum productivity.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Spaces

Our blinds help create a clean and dust-free environment and are weather-resistant.

Explore The Types Of Our Hospital Blinds

Our store stocks blinds in a variety of colors, styles, and materials to meet the specific needs of each facility. You can easily find the perfect blinds for your healthcare facility in our collection or get custom treatments as well.

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Multipurpose Blinds & Screens For All Healthcare Departments

Get Blinds that are compliant with all relevant healthcare regulations and standards.

Durable Hospital Blinds Dubai

Our Experts Offer The Quickest & Most Flawless Blind Fittings 

We provide blinds and screen installation services for every hospital and healthcare facility interior and exterior. Our services are available for every blinds type and will provide you with presentable, easy to clean, and hygienic interiors. We offer attractive discounts on blinds fitting and fixing services. Consult with our window treatment specialists today!

Latest Healthcare Facility Blinds

Explore our blinds designed specifically for the careful demands of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Advantages Of Using Our Blinds In Hospital Areas

Improved Patient Privacy

Our thick-fabric blinds ensure 100% safety, security, and privacy for patients.

Light Control

Complete Light Control

Workers and patients can easily control and manage light with these flexible shades.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Our blinds feature thick and high-quality backings for better noise and echo reduction.

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Better Infection Control

We provide hypoallergenic & antimicrobial blinds to ensure maximum infection control.

Presentable Area Aesthetics

Our blinds are available in multiple solid color options along with logo printings.

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Less Maintenance Needs

All our blind types are stain-resistant, dirt repellent, and easy to clean & maintain.

Elegant Hospital Blinds Dubai

Why Choose Us?

Online Curtains is the top-notch supplier of window and door treatments for healthcare facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. At our store, you can shop for the finest quality and most durable blinds at affordable rates and benefit from 100% cost-effective treatments. We provide hospital blinds, shades, and shutters in versatile ranges and provide various material, finish and measurement customizations too.

In addition to window treatments, you can also get blind installation and sampling services from us. Our experts are always available for online and in-person consultations in order to help customers with favorable purchases.

Appreciation From Customers

Below are some of the latest reviews of our blinds and installation services for healthcare facilities and hospitals.

“Helpful In Healthcare Facility”

Their hospital window shades have proven to be extremely helpful in reducing the spreading of pathogens in our local healthcare facility. They are really easy to clean and help with the maintenance of a clean, hygienic and presentable space. Great quality!

Verified Buyer

“Germ Free Environment”

The hospital screen blinds I got from Online Curtains have been greatly helpful in keeping my doctor office clean and germ-free. Their build quality is really fine and I was able to get the exact size that I wanted, thanks to the versatility of their blind collection.

Verified Buyer

“Excellent Window Treatment”

I was asked to buy new blinds for various hospital rooms and I decided to try out this brand. Luckily, it turned out to be a great decision as everything about their window treatments is excellent. Plus, the pricing is highly affordable for such fine blinds.

Verified Buyer

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the main types of blinds used in hospitals and healthcare facilities include horizontal, vertical, roller, cellular, and blackout blinds. All these options are great at protecting privacy, regulating temperature and providing insulation, and are durable and easy to clean too.

Installing blinds on hospital windows, doors, and other openings ensures privacy protection, offers better light and infection control, conceals medical procedures and equipment, and also gives a presentable look to all spaces. Besides, blinds also contribute to cleaner environments.

This depends on the extent of usage and wear and tear the blind receives. Generally, it’s necessary to clean the blinds at least twice a week. But, if they get heavily soiled, septic or stained, and/or there are any infectious outbreaks, then they must be cleaned more frequently.

This depends on the construction material of blinds. For cleaning fabricated window blinds, one can use mild detergents along with warm water. Whereas for stiff window treatment like vinyl, aluminum, or metal blinds, damp wiping or wiping with a disinfectant can be considered.

A few latest trends of hospital and healthcare facility window blinds are smart (motorized/electrical) blinds, antimicrobial blinds, blackout blinds, woven wood shades, low-maintenance vertical shades, insulating honeycomb blinds, and privacy blinds.

Hospital window and door blinds are usually safe and non-toxic for babies and kids. However, it’s a good idea to have cordless blinds and those without any loose strings or cords in hospitals.

The choice of hospital window and door blind size depends on the measurements of the opening and privacy/light control/security requirements. However, in general, shades in hospitals can have up to 6 meters of width and nearly 8 meters of length, in accordance with window size.

When choosing hospital space blinds, make sure to prioritize light control flexibility, privacy protection properties, ease of operation and maintenance, and safety features. Moreover, look for durable, heavy-duty, fire-retardant, and anti-microbial options to ensure maximum benefits.

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