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Kitchen Curtains

Types Of Kitchen Curtains We Provide

We stock beautiful and serviceable options of window treatments for all kinds of kitchen decors. Our curtain treatments will help you design the most delightful and inviting kitchen interiors.

At our shop, you can find the most serviceable options of window treatments for your indoor and outdoor kitchens. We offer luxurious, heavy-duty, easy-to-handle, and resilient curtains for a unique and effortless decor. Additionally, you can get all kinds of custom curtain treatments from us as well.

  • Tier Curtains
  • Cafe Curtains
  • Swag Curtains
  • Tab Top Curtains
  • Grommet Curtains
  • Light Filtering Curtains

Our Kitchen Curtain Treatments Are Available All Over Dubai & Abu Dhabi

We deal and deliver in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you can enjoy quick, favorable and cost-effective kitchen interior decors with us. Reach out to us today and have the finest kitchen window treatments on a budget.

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The Versatility Of Our Kitchen Curtains Dubai

Other than windows, our kitchen area curtains offer the best covering for a number of spots such as doors, french doors, sliding glass panels, and for area defining and dividing purposes too. We stock all curtain size, style, and material options for every space. Our high-quality curtains will make your kitchens ideally inviting, cozy, and functional.

Cafe Kitchen Curtains

Cafe Kitchen Curtains

These curtains create the ideal balance between natural light and privacy protection.

Valances For Kitchens

Valances For Kitchens

These curtains are best for reducing sunlight glare and for regulating temperature.

Tier Window Curtains

Tier Window Curtains

These curtains offer beautiful outdoor views without compromising privacy.

Swag Style Drapes

Swag Style Drapes

These stylish curtains will add elegance and spacious look to your kitchens.

Balloon Kitchen Drapes

Balloon Kitchen Drapes

These versatile curtains work wonders for both modern & traditional kitchen interiors.

Cotton Window Curtains

Cotton Window Curtains

These breathable and easy-to-clean curtains will create a pleasant and airy atmosphere

Linen Curtains For Kitchen

Linen Curtains For Kitchen

These thick and durable curtains are excellent for adding warmth to kitchens.

Blackout Kitchen Coverings

Blackout Curtain Kitchen Coverings

These opaque window covers offer light control and block out excessive noise too.

Get Your Dream Curtain Designing At Low Rates From Us

At our shop, you can get all kinds of plain, detailed, vibrant, classic, and modern style kitchen curtains Dubai, according to your decor theme. We can also customize your desired curtain designs with perfection.

For added benefits and cost-effectivity, we provide custom-made curtain options to provide well for every requirement. From material to final styling, you can have every aspect of these curtains personalized according to your preferences.

  • Hard-wearing Fabric Options
  • Trendsetting Styles
  • Time-saving Hardware

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Luxury And Durable Drapes For Every Kitchen Interior

Our experts are always available to help you choose the most suitable kitchen window treatments.

Kitchen Curtains

Get Affordable And Efficient Curtain Installations From Us

Online Curtains is the top-notch curtain specialist which also provides curtain fitting services in addition to the finest quality products. Our curtain installation services will improve your kitchen’s overall decor, value, and usefulness, and make the area entirely pleasant and comfortable for you. We provide all kinds of curtain fixings and fittings at affordable rates.

Showcasing Our Latest Kitchen Curtains Dubai Variety

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Advantages Of Treating Your Kitchens With Our Premium Curtains

Because of their thick fabrics, our curtains help maintain your privacy.

Light Control

With these curtains, you can make your kitchens both well-lit or darkened.

Area Insulation

Area Insulation

They help keep the area insulated and balance the temperature as well.

Unique Decoration

These curtains beautify your windows and make your kitchens inviting.

Space Utilization

You can use them as cabinet curtains & pantry coverings for presentable decor.

Healthy Environment

These curtains are pet and kid friendly, non-toxic, and improve air quality.

Unique Styling

Our curtains add the most attractive and personalized looks to your rooms.

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Kitchen Curtains

Why Choose Us?

Onlinecurtains has the finest and trendiest range of curtains for kitchens. Our long-lasting, heavy-duty, and low-maintenance curtains will benefit your lifestyle and provide you with various mental and health benefits. Contact us today and get the much-needed beautifying window treatments for your kitchens.

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“Ali Hassan “

This was my first experience of having curtains in my kitchen and thanks to Online Curtains it was really wonderful. They have the most attractive collection of kitchen drapes and I also got their cabinet curtains which have made my kitchen look amazing!

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“ALina Zubair”

Their kitchen curtains have been helping me a lot with effective light blockage and air filtering. These curtains maintain a pleasant temperature in my kitchen and I can easily adjust it to my liking. Finest fabrication and best quality dyes!

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“Anas Khan “

Their professions suggested the most perfect curtains for my odd-shaped kitchen windows. The curtains efficiently block all the excessive sunlight and noise and I can work comfortably for as long as I want. Plus, these curtains are really easy to clean too.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

A few excellent and functional fabric options for kitchen area curtains are Polyester, Sheer, Cotton, Linen, Microfiber, Nylon, and Poly Cotton Blends. All these fabrics are stain-resistant, easy to clean, and last long as well. Plus, they are easy and flexible to style.

Your chosen kitchen drapes should be more wide than the window frame to offer a complete coverage. The extra fabric helps with light management, privacy protection and noise reduction. This also helps if you want to have pleated or gathered curtain styles.

Kitchen curtains should be dusted every other day and you can also use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner for this purpose. Consider spot cleaning as soon as the curtains get any stains or marks. Wash the curtains once in a while using cold water and gentle cycles.

Curtains in a kitchen should be vibrant and eye-catching and should give out a sense of brightness and openness. Some of the best recommendations in this regard are neutral, pastel and natural colors like beige, light gray, bright blue, sea green, mint green, bright yellow, etc.

In the Dubai market, you can expect to pay around 50 AED to 150 AED for a single curtain panel. The overall window treatment pricing depends on the number of your kitchen windows and whether you want any customizations.

Choose bright and neutral curtain colors and light-filtering fabrics. Opt for minimally patterned or plain designs and hang the curtains high. Only cover the window frame with the curtains and have enough width of the curtains. Invest in valances or pelmets for a finer and luxurious look.

You can decorate and enhance your curtains with the help of accessories like tiebacks, tassels, valances and finials. Choose brighter colors for a dark themed interior and vice versa. You can also mix and match different curtain fabrics like opaque and sheers for a unique look.

Some of the curtain header styles which are really easy to deal with are grommet, tab top, rod pocket, pinch pleat and eyelet. These header styles allow smooth and flexible curtain movements and also make it easy to remove curtains whenever required.

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