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Latest And Luxurious Hotel Blinds Types We Provide

At our store, you can find all kinds of hotel indoor and outdoor window treatments, including blinds, shutters, and shades to enhance your windows and elevate your overall decor. Our hotel blinds offer various time-saving and energy-efficient features for ultimate comfort and user convenience.

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We provide the finest quality and most luxurious window coverings in the UAE. You can get our fast and affordable blinds services in all Dubai and Abu Dhabi areas. We also provide window and door measurement services, free product samples and consultations.

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Transform Your Hospitality Space with Our Stylish Window Blinds

Our shop stocks stylish options of window blinds available for every hotel, cafe and restaurant interior and exterior. In addition to ready-made window shades, you can also get custom-made blinds from us for all desired functionalities and improvements. Our affordable blinds will ensure the best and most comfortable stay of your guests.

Guest Room Windows

Guest Room Windows

Our blinds come in luxurious and attractive styles to beautify hotel rooms

Balcony Doors

Balcony Doors

Our blinds for balconies help with effective light management and noise control

Bathroom And Shower Cubicles

Bathroom And Shower Cubicles

We provide waterproof and easy to clean blinds to maintain clean bathrooms



You can optimize temperature and maintain pleasant interiors with our lobby blinds

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

Our blinds offer excellent light control, privacy and noise dampening for conferences



Design attractive and comfortable interiors with our classy and luxurious window blinds



We offer blinds in unique and eye-catching colors, prints, patterns and styles

Reception Areas

Reception Areas

We provide specialized motorized blinds for heavy-duty and easy-to-operate reception window treatments

Our Blinds Offer Diverse Aesthetic And Functional Features

You can shop for our motorized, child-blinds, light-filtering, logo-printed, double, automatic, bottom-up/top-down and various other smart blinds. We provide the most unique print, pattern, color and finish options for every blind type, helping you design statement interior decors.

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Get Custom Designed Blinds For Every Interior Design

We provide blinds with specialized features for improved convenience and usefulness

Customized Hotel Blinds Dubai

Upgrade Hospitality Design & Comfort with Blinds

With our window blinds installations, you can design the most elegant and luxurious hotel and restaurant designs. In addition to windows, we provide blinds and shutters for sliding doors, patio doors, french doors, skylights, outdoors, gazebos, pergolas and all other spaces. Our blinds fitting and fixing will make your hotel interiors more insulated, energy-efficient and comfortable.

Trendy Window Blinds Gallery For Restaurants

Give improved aesthetic appeal to hotel rooms with our finest window coverings

Advantages Of Using Our Blinds In Hotels And Restaurants

Comfort And Softness icon

Improved Sleep And Comfort

With our thick and noise-reducing blinds, your guests can enjoy sound sleep

Privacy Protection

Better Privacy And Security

These blinds ensure maximum safety and security for visitors and their belongings

Light And Temperature Control

Our blinds can help with efficient and flexible light and temperature adjustment

Improved Decor

Beautiful And Inviting Interiors

You can design the most attractive and luxurious spaces with our blinds

Unique Decorative Appeal

Reduced Hotel Energy Expenses

You can majorly lower hotel’s energy consumption and expenses with our blinds

Easy Upkeep

Easy And Cheap Upkeep

All our durable blind types for hotels require minimal and low-cost maintenance

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Why Choose Us?

Online Curtains is the best-rated commercial and residential window treatment specialist in the UAE. Our exclusive window blinds for restaurants and hotels are available in outstanding styles and at affordable rates. These unique blinds will ensure maximum comfort and the best staying experience for your valuable guests and visitors. In addition to window covering products, you can have all kinds of installation, fixing and customizations from us.

We also offer free quotations on all blinds types and free window and door measurement services to improve your purchase experience. Also, you can always get our consultation services for exemplary commercial decor and improvements.

Our Success Stories

Following are some of the most valuable feedback notes from our customers.

“Affordable Pricing Blinds”

For my previous hotel decor project, I reached out to this brand. Their window blinds were truly the highlight of the entire area I renovated. The quality is super satisfactory, pricing is affordable and another perk of using these blinds is the energy efficiency.

Verified Buyer

“Unique Designs And Fabric”

We got their blinds for our hotel reception and lobby. They stock the most unique design and color ranges for blinds and we got the perfect pieces according to our requirements. The dyes, fabrics and hardware used for these blinds are simply excellent. Best shop!

Verified Buyer

“High Quality Window Material”

This brand offers amazingly affordable rates for high-quality window covering products. Their blackout hotel shades are my true favorite as I received a lot of appreciation from my customers. Plus, the stain-resistance of these blinds helps a lot with maintenance.

Verified Buyer

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

Window blinds offer multiple benefits unlike curtains. They offer better light control, privacy protection, energy-efficiency and noise reduction. Besides, they consume less space than curtains and give off a clean and streamlined look. Also, maintaining blinds is way easier.

Blinds that are commonly used in hotels and restaurants are cordless (work with a clutch mechanism or handle), string (raised and lowered by pulling strings) , motorized (used with remote or panel control) or wand-operated (tilted, raised and lowered with a wand) ones.

Yes, blackout window blinds are an excellent and long-term beneficial option for hotels and restaurants. They reduce sunlight glare, offer light control flexibility, dampen noises, ensure privacy and security and are easy to maintain as well. Plus, they come in multiple unique styles.

Blinds that have tiltable slats or stackable fabrics offer the best light control. They can be partially or fully opened or closed depending on user preferences and give out a clean and presentable look in both ways. Additionally, you can use blackout linings for light management.

Blinds that offer high levels of energy efficiency include Roller Shades, Cellular/Honeycomb Shades, Blackout Blinds, Roman Blinds, Composite Blinds and Aluminum Shutters. All these options help regular room temperature, control light and effectively lower energy expenses.

Cordless Blinds, Motorized Blinds and Blinds with built-in safety features such as cleat systems or breakaway cords are considered the most child-safe window treatment options. Moreover, you can also tie the cords/strings/tassels up or keep them short to prevent any accidents.

Blinds in restaurants and hotels should be cleaned with vacuum cleaner or soft fabrics on a regular basis. Plus, spot cleaning is an effective way to deal with any damages or stains. For maintaining blinds on a large scale, you can also use Ultrasonic or steam cleaning.

A handheld steamer or wrinkle-removing solution can be used to clear out any wrinkles on blinds. Alternatively, you can also hang the blinds in a steamy bathroom to get rid of wrinkles. Never iron the blinds as this can cause damage to the fabric and/or coating.

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