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Hospital Curtains
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Hospital Curtains

High-Quality, Affordable Hospital Curtains in Dubai

At our shop, you can find all kinds of hospital interior and exterior curtains at budget-friendly rates. These medical curtains uae are available in a variety of colors and patterns to match the interior of healthcare facilities.

Our curtains for hospitals are designed to be extremely heavy-duty and withstand all kinds of usage conditions. With these curtains, you can ensure presentable, clean, hygienic, airy, and well-lit healthcare facility interiors. We provide all kinds of installation, customization, and motorization treatments for hospital curtains in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

  • Bed Dividers
  • Curtain Dividers
  • ICU Curtains

Providing Window Treatment Servicing In UAE

Our hospital curtains near me services are widely available in the local areas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can have all kinds of quick and high-quality curtain additions from us at pocket-friendly prices. We offer the finest and state-of-the-art grade medical window treatments.

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Fast & Reliable Hospital Curtain Installation – Dubai

We offer premium-grade, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and easy-to-clean hospital window curtains for a hygienic environment in all areas of healthcare facilities and hospitals. Our durable hospital area curtains that can withstand daily use are the most cost-effective choice for every hospital and healthcare facility interior. Following are the main curtain types available at our shop for every area.

Patient Rooms

Patient Rooms Curtains

Our curtains provide a comfortable and calming environment for patients.

Operating Rooms

Operating Rooms Curtains

Our operating room curtains help improve staff efficiency and workflow.

Recovery Rooms

Recovery Room Curtains

Our curtains promote infection control, preventing the spread of pathogens.

Isolation Rooms

Isolation Rooms

Our privacy and isolation curtains enhance patient privacy and confidentiality.

Waiting Areas

Hospital Waiting Areas Curtains

Our blackout curtains enhance the overall aesthetics of healthcare facilities

Staff Areas

Staff Room

We provide easy to clean & disinfect curtains for staff spaces with thick fabrics.

Hospital Bathrooms

Hospital Bathrooms Curtains

Our waterproof, mold-resistant, and low-maintenance curtains prevent splashes and spills.

Clinical Areas

Clinical Areas Curtains

Shop for our easy-to-clean hospital curtain for a hygienic environment.

Enhance Your Healthcare Facility with Our Superior Medical Curtains

Our medical curtains are available in a range of colors for all kinds of healthcare facilities to create a presentable interior. Our curtains will ensure maximum comfort and hygiene for all spaces.

Our shop also offers a range of curtain customization and enhancement services to ensure that all our customers’s individual requirements are met well. Whether it’s a personalized doctor’s office decor or a heavy-duty window treatment for public spaces, we have the best solutions available for you.

  • Unique Construction Materials
  • Commercial-grade Designing
  • Purposeful And Time-saving Treatments

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Our Affordable hospital interior curtains can fit any budget and are highly economical.

We Are The Top-notch Hospital Curtains Supplier In The UAE

Our Affordable hospital interior curtains can fit any budget and are highly economical.

Hospital Curtains

Online Curtains Offers Flawless Medical Curtain Installation Services

In addition to top-notch antibacterial curtains for hospitals, we also offer fast, budget-friendly, and highly efficient curtain fitting services for every area. Our services will ensure the most efficient curtain fitting, leading to enhanced patient privacy, confidentiality, and hygienic interiors. We offer reliable window and screen treatments to promote infection control and prevent the spread of pathogens.

Our Gallery Of Premium Healthcare Curtains

We also provide Custom curtains to fit any size and shape of opening.

Features Of Our Hospital Area Curtains

All our medical curtain types are highly resistant to flames, ensuring 100% safety.

Extremely Antimicrobial

We provide certified antimicrobial curtains to prevent the spreading of infections and germs.

Easy To Clean And Disinfect

Our curtains feature high stain-resistance and they can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

Durable And Cost-Effective

Durable And Cost-Effective

Presenting long-lasting hospital curtains that can withstand daily use & are value-for-money.

Flexible And Versatile

We are presenting a wide range of curtain fabrics to suit specific needs and preferences.

Privacy Protecting

Our thick and opaque drapes ensure 100% patient and staff privacy and confidentiality.

Health And Safety

Our curtains will effectively improve your bathroom’s air quality and walking safety.

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Our curtains also come with additional features like privacy screens, blackout linings, and motorized controls.

#1 Hospital Curtains

Why Choose Us?

Onlinecurtains is the most trustworthy manufacturer of Hospital Curtains in the UAE. Our medical curtains are specifically designed to promote privacy, safety, and hygiene in healthcare settings and to provide patients with a comfortable environment that helps with speedy recovery. These curtains are the best way to enhance the aesthetics of healthcare settings with a variety of colors and patterns.

Appreciative Client Reviews

In order to make up your mind for purchases, we’ve mentioned some of the best reviews that our valuable customers keep giving about our services


Their hospital curtains are incredibly hygienic and the pricing is completely budget-friendly. Besides they are easy to clean and care for, perfect for a busy space like a hospital. I’ve been using them for months and they are truly value for money!

Verified Buyer

“Katie J “

The medical curtains we purchased from Online Curtains have been a true savior. We’ve noticed significantly healthy interiors after the installation of these curtains and they are super easy to handle and maintain. Best ever experience!

Verified Buyer


I got my local healthcare facility treated by their professionals and it was satisfactory and cost-effective servicing. Unlike my expectations, they completed the project very quickly and I was able to resume all the activities. Plus, the curtain quality is best!

Verified Buyer

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the curtain material, patient care requirements and the policies of the healthcare facility. In general, the curtains should be washed immediately if there have been any splashes of bodily fluids or the curtains get heavily stained or soiled.

When choosing curtains for a hospital, look for thin, antimicrobial, sturdy, metal-free, flame-retardant, stain-resistant and easy to clean options. Plus, the window and area measurements and any additional requirement or protocols should also be considered.

Medical curtains are generally made from long-lasting and fire-retardant fabrics like Vinyl, IFR (Inherently Flame Retardant) fabric, Microfiber and Polyester. These fabrics can be easily cleaned and disinfected and have a considerable stain-resistance as well.

Hospital area curtains come in various types such as Cubicle curtains, shower and privacy or isolation curtains. These are used for separation purposes, for preventing water and bodily fluid splashing, for reducing microbial spreading and for isolating patients having infectious diseases.

Hospital area curtains are not completely waterproof, however, you can get noise reducing Healthy curtains Dubai from us. These curtains offer reasonable sound dampening and prove effective when there’s a need to create disruption free spaces for work and resting purposes.

With proper care and maintenance, hospital window curtains can last for various years. However, in case of severe damages, staining and/or need for strict care conditions, they should be immediately cleaned or replaced. Curtains which are disposable can be replaced earlier.

No, These curtains and privacy screens aren’t very costly. However, it’s a favorable approach to invest in best-quality fabrics in order to prevent frequent replacements. A high upfront cost will ensure long-term benefits and lesser need for heavy maintenance practices.

For this purpose, you can make use of a valance made from the same curtain fabric. Besides, the tracks can also be painted to make them unnoticeable. Cornices and crown molding can also be used for this purpose. Additionally, the curtain rod can be recessed into the ceiling.

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