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Duplex Blinds Dubai

Types Of Duplex Window Treatments Available At Our Store

Our unique Duplex Blinds Dubai feature dual fabric layers in an alternative pattern of opaque and sheer. These blinds look extremely attractive and can be used to create various charming light divergence effects. Moreover, they offer perfect light filtering along with privacy protection.

Standard Duplex Blinds
Motorized Duplex Shades
Duplex Cellular Blinds
Daylight Zebra Blinds
Smart Duplex Shades
Duplex Blackout Blinds
Duplex Privacy Blinds
Custom Duplex Blinds

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You can shop for these exceptionally beautiful and durable window blinds online and enjoy instant deliveries and amazing discounts. We deliver in all areas of Abu Dhabi & Dubai and also offer the complete range of services for the fitting and fixing of these blinds.

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Presenting Our Trendy Duplex Blinds Dubai Range For Homes & Offices

Our zebra blinds Dubai are the finest choice for all residential and commercial areas. These blinds can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, guest rooms, corridors, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, power offices, reception areas, meeting rooms, conference halls and all other spaces for effective light control blinds and privacy maintenance. You can get these beneficial blinds from us in various styles in accordance with the decor theme of your place.

Standard Duplex Blinds

Standard Duplex Blinds

These blinds come with a cord or chain mechanism and multiple styles.

Motorized Duplex Shades

Motorized Duplex Shades

These blinds have an effortless and time-saving automatic working with multiple controls.

Duplex Cellular Blinds

Duplex Cellular Blinds

The honeycomb-shaped cells of these duplex shades increases room insulation & energy-efficiency.

Daylight Control Blinds

Daylight Control Blinds

These blinds have automatic adjustments according to ambient lighting & offer brighter spaces.

Blackout Duplex Blinds

Blackout Duplex Blinds

These window shades offer complete room darkening and are great for bedrooms.

Privacy Duplex Shades

Privacy Duplex Shades

You can effectively ensure home privacy and security with these durable blinds.

Light Filtering Zebra Blinds

Light Filtering Zebra Blinds

Our versatile window blinds offer an efficient light filtering and glare reduction.

Top-Down Duplex Coverings

Top-Down Duplex Coverings

These blinds can be closed from both the top & bottom of windows.

We Offer Interior-Defining Duplex Window Coverings

You can find the most diverse ranges of duplex window coverings at our shop. In addition, we also provide custom duplex window blinds Dubai for extra benefits and decor enhancement.

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Duplex Window Blinds Offer Effective Light & Noise Control

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Luxury Duplex Blinds

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Getting your zebra blinds fitted by our experts will provide you with an improved home decor and a number of other benefits. Our services are incredibly efficient, quick, affordable and will make your place’s interior most comfortable. In addition to windows, we also offer blind installation services for doors, skylights, and room partition purposes.

Showcasing Our Duplex Blinds Styles 2024

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Major Advantages Of Our Duplex Shades

Effective Light Control

Effective Light Control

With these blinds, you can precisely control the amount of incoming light.

Improved Room Privacy

Improved Room Privacy

Our smart blinds offer efficient light filtering along with 100% privacy maintenance.

Better Energy Efficiency

Better Energy Efficiency

These blinds lessen energy expenses with all-natural room brightness & temperature regulation.

Great Aesthetic Versatility

Great Aesthetic Versatility

They look extremely attractive and can instantly brighten any interior.

Excellent Room Insulation

Excellent Room Insulation

You can enjoy warm interiors for longer periods of time with them.

Convenient Care Procedures

Convenient Care Procedures

Cleaning and maintaining our zebra style blinds is really easy and cheap.

#1 Duplex Blinds

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Online Curtains is known for offering the most outstanding and value-for-money interior improvement solutions. Our Duplex Blinds Dubai are one such amazing product which will instantly beautify your places and make them maximally comfortable. These blinds are the most unique option for window covering.

Appreciative Comments By Our Customers

Our Duplex window coverings have always received positive reviews from all clients. Following are some of the amazing reviews.

Adnan Hamid
“Adnan Hamid”

I just love the light divergence effects created by these extraordinarily wonderful blinds. They filter sunlight so well and make it seem really pleasant, while still maintaining privacy. Also, I love the look of these blinds and how they have beautified my room.

Verified Buyer

Aminah Faiza
“Aminah Faiza”

Their duplex style blinds are the most unique window treatment I’ve ever seen. I got them for my living room and this was an incredible experience. They offer amazing light filtering and keep the area warm and I can easily control their working. Great product!

Verified Buyer

Ashraf Siddiq
“Ashraf Siddiq”

Zebra Blinds by Online Curtains have helped me reduce my home’s energy expenses. With these blinds, I can benefit the most from natural light and they also keep my interiors insulated, so I don’t have to use a lot of appliances. Amazing experience!

Verified Buyer

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

Duplex or zebra blinds are a unique type of window coverings which feature horizontal stripes of sheer and opaque fabrics in an alternative manner. Such a structure makes these blinds incredibly versatile and they offer a unique style of light filtering, shifting and blockage.

The general pricing for Zebra or Duplex Blinds Dubai starts from 30 AED and goes up to 100 AED. Factors like custom materials, design customizations, motorization of the blinds and number of windows can impact the overall project expenses.

These blinds are made from high-quality Polyester, Fiberglass, PVC, Aluminum, Metal, Natural Wood, Faux Wood, and Poly Cotton. They offer dual functionality for light filtering and privacy maintenance. You can also get custom made blinds from us following your preferences at fair rates.

These window blinds can be controlled and operated in three main ways which are manual (involving a cord or chain), motorized (works with remote control, wall switch and smart home integration), and bottom-up/top-down (blinds can be opened from any side of windows) operational styles.

You can wipe clean these blinds using a soft and damp fabric. For stain removing and more effective cleaning, a soapy solution can also be used. However, make sure to not use any harsh cleaners or abrasive tools as they can damage the fabric of the blinds.

Start by measuring the height and width of your window frame from the tallest and widest points. After noting the measurements, add up to ½ inches to both the height and width measurements for easy overlapping of the fabric and this should be your resultant figure.

Of course! Our Duplex Blinds are the most suitable, beneficial, and value-for-money option of commercial window covering. The unique light filtering mechanism of these blinds can help with natural brightness, glare reduction, privacy protection and also noise reduction.

Yes, these window blinds are a completely safe choice for homes with pets and kids. That’s because they do not have any hanging cords, chains, or other hardware. For additional safety, you can also have them in motorized styles for quick and hand-free working.

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