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Online Curtainsoffers the most innovative range of fly screen blinds at fair rates in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Fly Screen Blinds Dubai
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High Quality Fly Screen Blinds Dubai

We Provide Latest Fly And Insect Screen Types 

With affordable rate tags, our fly screen blinds improve the overall comfort and look of your places and most importantly offer you with peace of mind. Our specialized window and door coverings are designed to keep even the tiniest insects and pests away from interiors, that too, without any ventilation blockage or compromise on privacy.

Retractable window screen
Magnetic window screen
Roller door screen
Custom mosquito screen
Pleated screen blinds
Fly mesh curtain
Self-adhesive door cover
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We Are The Most Trustworthy Providers Of Mesh Insect Screens

Our innovative range of window and door screens is designed for both residential and commercial spaces. These screen blinds come in various purposeful ranges to maximally benefit and comfort every user. You can shop for these extraordinary blinds and screens online in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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Dubai Silicon Oasis

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Areas To Install Our Fly Screen Blinds 

Our fly and mosquito screens for casement windows are the most functional and long-term favorable addition to all places. These blinds not just keep insects and pests away, but also prevent dust, dirt, and pathogens from entering your homes, hence ensuring maximum health benefits and hygiene conditions. They are ideal for businesses and restaurants and you can also customize them to match your decor or blend with surroundings.


Windows Fly Screen Blinds

We provide high-quality Polyester, Fiberglass, and PVC insect barrier screens for windows.


Doors Fly Screen Blinds

You can get pet-proof door screens for french, patio, and other doors.


Skylights Fly Screen Blinds

We offer specialized motorized retractable & magnetic screen options for overhead windows.


Vents Fly Screen Blinds

Get durable made-to-measure insect barriers for all types and shapes of vents.

Pet Enclosures

Pet Enclosures Fly Screen Blinds

We provide pet-proof, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean screens for pet spaces.


Gazebos Fly Screen Blinds

Enjoy convenient visibility & fresh air with our easy-to-operate blinds.


Decorations Fly Screen Blinds

We provide custom sizes and styles of fly barriers for decorative touches.

Roof Slopes

Roof Slopes Fly Screen Blinds

You can use fly mesh screens for improved ventilation, visibility, and cleanliness.

Providing Customized Fly Barrier Blinds With Multiple Features

Our mosquito net window blinds are available in various versions for every space and preference. Also, you can have customized materials and operating mechanisms for these window and door screens.

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Get Our Made-to-Measure Insect Barrier Screens At Cheap Rates

Our professionals are always available to provide you with fruitful solutions for all requirements.

High Quality Fly Screen Blinds

Book Our Fast & Budget-friendly Fly Screen Blind Installations 

Our services are widely available for all kinds of windows, doors, openings, skylights, vents, and other spaces. You can make your places completely insect and dust free with our efficient and quick services. Other than installations, we also provide multiple other features such as blackout blinds linings and pet-resistant mesh additions for the blinds.

Our 2024 Collection Of Innovative Insect Screens 

Explore our gallery to find the most suitable window screens for your residential & commercial areas.

Reasons For Buying Our Insect Screen Window Roller Blinds

Effective Pest Control icon

Effective Pest Control

WIth these blinds, you can completely prevent the entrance of all insects.

Better Ventilation icon

Better Ventilation

The fine and high-quality mesh of these blinds ensures maximum air circulation.

Improved Brightness

Improved Brightness

You can make the most out of natural light with these blinds.

Easy Upkeep

Easy Upkeep

These blinds are stain, scratch and UV resistant, and easy to clean.

Lesser Allergies

Lesser Allergies

They stop the entrance of all kinds of allergens, pollen, and dust.

Better Energy Efficiency

Better Energy Efficiency

With these blinds, you can regulate indoor temperature without HVAC systems.

Fly Screen Blinds Dubai

Why Choose Us?

Online Curtains has come up with the most effective solution for the disturbance caused by mosquitos, flies, and other insects. Our fly and mosquito screen blinds are the ideal element to keep your interiors clean, hygienic, airy, and free from diseases and contamination. We provide skillful servicing for these blinds under one roof and at affordable rates.

User Feedback

We are the best suppliers of window and door screens and blinds in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Have a look at how our products always manage to satisfy and please our customers.

Ward Kutaiba
“Ward Kutaiba”

The fly and mosquito screen blinds I got from Online Curtains have been a true savior lately. They not just keep all the troublesome insects away from my place but also make it easy to clean with dust prevention. Best window treatment experience in a long time!

Verified Buyer

Raniya Mustafa
“Raniya Mustafa”

All thanks to their retractable window screens, I can enjoy good ventilation in my kitchen and hallway without having to worry about insects. Ever since I got the screen installed, my health has improved a lot and it has been a value-for-money purchase.

Verified Buyer

amir Zakariyya
“Tamir Zakariyya”

Their magnetic insect barrier blinds are truly worth investing in! The mesh of these blinds is really fine and keeps even the tiniest insects away, that too, without compromising ventilation. My place has become really comfortable with this treatment!

Verified Buyer

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

Fly screen blinds are specialized window coverings featuring a mesh screen. They are designed to stop insects and pests from entering home interiors without blocking light and air. They come in multiple styles and types and are a beneficial investment for clean interiors.

These blinds effectively keep insects away, hence offer disruption-free, clean, and hygienic interiors. Moreover, they improve ventilation, prevent sun damage, ensure privacy protection, increase curb appeal and make it easy to maintain homes & offices. Plus, because of their high-quality materials, they are highly durable too.

There are up to 5 main types of fly screen window coverings which are Retractable, Magnetic, Roller, Pleated, and Fixed Screens. These varieties help with an easy and favorable selection. Additionally, you can have custom fly window and door screens as well.

These screens are made from high-quality Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Pet Mesh, PVC, Polyester, and Fiberglass. All of them come with different features like improved visibility, high durability, transparency, weather resistance, scratch and tear resistance, and security enhancement.

When choosing fly and mosquito screens, it’s important to consider the shape and size of your windows, a screen style that works for you (fixed, retractable, pleated, etc.), a suitable mesh size for your desired level of ventilation, maintenance needs, pet or UV protection features and budget.

Yes, our Fly Screen Blinds block a considerable level of direct sunlight which prevents heat buildup indoors. If you want maximum blockage of UV rays, you can shop for dedicated blind options which offer up to 99% of sunlight reduction.

These blinds are easy to clean and you can use any mild cleaner along with water for this purpose. For cleaning the mesh, you can also make use of vacuum cleaners. Besides, for deep cleaning, you can remove the blinds and scrub them well with a mild cleaner and water.

Window screens made of aluminum are extremely heavy-duty and durable which makes them a beneficial investment. These screens are also resistant to corrosion, hence great for outdoors as well. You can find a range of mesh sizes for these screens and maintaining them is really easy too.

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