Warm Up Your Windows For Winter | Effective Tips & Tricks

Winter arrival brings a dramatic increase in cold temperatures and heating costs. One of the most significant reasons for the inside cold environment is improper window insulation. If this sounds familiar and you want to beat the cold to keep your interior warm, this guide by Online Curtains is for your help.

If your room windows are letting the cold in, have a proper check on the caulking joints to ensure air-tightness. The next and most significant aspect to consider when creating warm, cozy, and comfortable spaces is the investment in curtains or other protective coverings.

Discover The Effective Types Of Window Curtains To Warm Up Your Rooms

We are unlocking the different types of curtains that can greatly contribute to warming up your spaces.

1. Install Thick Drapes

Warm Up Your Windows For WinterCurtains made from large and thick pieces to simply hang on frames are drapes that are an effective solution to block the outside cold. These high-quality drapes reduce heat loss by 40%.

2. Opt For Blackout Curtains

Opt For Blackout CurtainsMade with triple-weave technology, double-lined backings, and tightly woven fabric, blackout curtains are the ideal investment for restricting cold, ensuring higher energy efficiency.

3. Silk Curtains Regulate Temperature

Silk Curtains Regulate TemperatureSilk drapes are an effective solution for keeping your room insulated with their thick and dense fabric. These silk curtains keep your room cool in summer and cozy in winter, saving energy costs.

4. Velvet Curtains Insulate Your Rooms

Velvet Curtains Insulate Your Rooms

Crushed velvet drapes are an excellent choice for instant warmth in your spaces. With an extremely dense, thick, and heavy fabric, these window coverings effectively restrict the cold breeze.

5. Use Layered Or Thermal Curtains

Use Layered Or Thermal CurtainsThese thermal-lining curtains feature an acrylic foam layer between the double or triple layers of fabric, ensuring thermal regulation. By preventing airflow inside, they reduce heating costs.

Other Hacks & Tricks To Insulate Your Rooms

Familiarize yourself with effective hacks for room insulation.

1. Cover Windows With Bubble Wrap

Cover Windows With Bubble WrapBubble wrap sheets are a timeless way to keep your room warm in winter. These wraps can be installed on windows using transparent tape after proper measurement and cutting.

2. Re-Seal Around Your Window Frame

Re-Seal Around Your Window FrameOld windows can have caulking joints that allow air circulation in your rooms. You can re-seal your windows using a specialized sealant that can be applied with the help of a caulking gun.

3. Apply Polyurethane Foam For Insulation

Polyurethane FoamThe application of polyurethane foam around the window frames and edges ensures air tightness. Covering edges and gaps guarantees a high level of insulation and energy efficiency.

4. Install Weather Stripping At The Bottom

Install Weather Stripping At The Bottom RoomsTo limit the entry of cold air through windows, weather stripping can be adjusted at the bottom of your windows. This rigid, small, or flexible weather-stripping device helps to reduce heat loss.

5. Equip Windows With Thermoplastic Film

Equip Windows With Thermoplastic FilmFor poor condensation on your windows, installing thermoplastic film is the simplest strategy. This film can be applied to the whole window and secured with the help of double-sided tape.

It’s A Wrap!

To beat the winter cold, covering your windows is the most timeless and effective way to insulate any room. When it comes to window coverings, there are various dense, thick, and heavy-weight curtains available in the UAE Market, including blackout, thermal, silk, polyester, and velvet that can warm up your rooms for winter.

Additionally, you can invest in bubble wrap, insulation film, polyurethane, weather stripes, thermoplastic film, and window sealants. Another effective way to re-seal your windows so that outside chilly weather doesn’t affect the inside climate and protects you from cold.

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