Add Drama to Any Room In The Home With Designer Blinds

Window treatments are the kind of element that can contribute majorly to enhancing both the appearance and comfort of any place instantly. This goes particularly true for blinds which have significantly replaced all other window covering options lately. However, when choosing blinds for windows, one is also quite likely to get confused due to the abundance of options.

If you can relate to this very problem as well, Online Curtains welcomes you to explore a couple of trendy window blind recommendations and enjoy convenient and beneficial purchases.

Best Designer Blinds’ Recommendations For Luxurious Home Decors

With the help of this amazing list, you can easily select the perfect window blinds and upgrade your home decor like never before!

  • Velvet Roman Blinds 

Velvet Roman Blinds

Roman shades are amongst the most versatile, cost-effective, and timeless window treatments, so why not double up their charm with the richness of velvet fabric? Such a window decor approach will combine luxury and utility in a truly unique manner. You can opt for many opulent possibilities like jewel tones, glam patterns, metallic accents, and much more.

Some of the best color recommendations for velvet Roman blinds are ruby, royal blue & emerald green which will add an instant dramatic beauty to your interiors.

  • Dark Wood Blinds 

Dark Wood Blinds

Wooden blinds feature a timeless attraction that never fails to perk up any given place. You can multiply the traditional charm of wooden blinds by getting them in darker colors for a truly outstanding and eye-catching window decoration. Also, there is a range of classy stains and finishes available to take the embellishment game to another level.

Added warmth and coziness are other plus points of wooden window shades and they also prove fruitful by improving your property’s resale value.

  • Textured Bamboo Blinds 

Textured Bamboo Blinds

These blinds bring the goodness of nature in a mind-blowing way and can be the absolute best choice if you prefer using eco-friendly and sustainable stuff. Bamboo blinds work best for both casual style and detailed decor. And if you want a particularly outstanding look, opt for bamboo shades in darker colors and longer profiles.

These blinds will create a pleasant environment indoors and you can easily regulate incoming light and air with them for maximum energy-efficiency.

  • Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout Roller Blinds

If you’re looking forward to creating interiors that offer a great cinematic experience, go for blackout roller blinds which will multiply the fun of everything you want by making it extremely immersive. The secret lies in the sleek, fuller profiles and smooth movements of roller blinds and of course the darkness you’re going to get with their blackout versions.

Other than improved AV experience, blackout roller blinds will also help you fix your sleep cycles and improve your sleep quality for significant health and wellness.

  • Woven Wood Blinds

Woven Wood Blinds

Woven wood shades stand out with their rich textures and rustic looks and can improve the appearance of your surroundings by many folds. You can get plenty of wood grain options to choose from and a great tip here is to go for a highly realistic grain option to beautify your interiors with a touch of nature. And while styling your windows with these blinds, you can always play with additional finishes and stains.

These blinds offer flexible movements which make it easy to get brighter and airier spaces without compromising privacy. Also, they contribute to increasing the resale value of your property.

  • Ethereal Light-filtering Blinds 

Ethereal Light-filtering Blinds

This guide is your sign to embrace the beauty of sheer or light-filtering window blinds and design interiors that seem heavenly. You can find plenty of suitable voile or sheer blinds and just a hint of metallic threads on top will bring about the most catching and dramatic ethereal look. These blinds are excellent at softening sunlight and making it incredibly pleasant.

With sheer or voile blinds having metallic accents, you can make even the dullest spaces stand out and seem luxurious in no time, with the added perk of cost-saving.

Bonus Tips For Finest Window Blinds’ Treatments 

  • Using patterns is a surefire way to generate significant opulence in any space. You can start with playful geometric patterns or intricate damask designs.
  • Never ignore the hardware of your window blinds and invest in complementing options to get the whole look right.
  • Do not get materials that you cannot maintain adequately. A beautiful but dirty window covering will lose its importance too soon. Prioritize resilient, hard-wearing, and easy-to-care-for options.


We hope for these mind-boggling designer window blind ideas to provide you with the best home decor possibilities. All the options we’ve gathered have a remarkable likelihood of upgrading any kind of interior decor and you won’t need to break the bank to implement any idea either.

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