5 Best Blackout Curtains With Fabrics in 2024 

Blackout curtains are known for their tightly woven, denser, and layered fabric like velvet, linen, cotton, polyester, and microfiber, making them highly functional and eye-catching. The blackout window curtains‘ enhanced functionalities help create an optimal sleeping environment.

Nowadays, people have started investing in home as well as commercial areas to attain maximum features with window styling. These soundproof window coverings are one such home improvement product whose different colors, patterns, layouts, and designs make them a perfect fit for your space, and functionalities like energy efficiency, light and sound blocking, and insulation properties make them a popular choice for any space. In this comprehensive guide, we will highlight the top-ranked 5 blackout window hangings that are going to lead interior styling in 2024.

Discover 5 Best Blackout Curtains With Fabrics

A person who is an insomniac, has bad sleep quality, a tough work schedule, and gets distracted easily by outside noise should invest in blackout window coverings. These window hangings will ensure improved sleep, reduce outside noise, and give your space an attractive style due to their versatile fabric availability. Let’s dive into some of the best privacy-providing window covers.

Microfiber Blackout Hangings | Insulating Property

Microfiber Blackout Hangings Insulating Property

Microfiber, crafted from three separately woven layers, making them efficient in blocking light and sound, is used to manufacture window covers. Due to their fabric, they help in room darkening and keep the atmosphere of your space calm and comfortable.

Besides these properties, these window hangings protect from harmful UV rays, and their different colors and designs make them a perfect addition to your space. Due to the triple weave technology used to craft these curtains, they block about 90% of the light from entering your space, an energy-efficient option, regulates the temperature of your space.

Velvet Window Hangings | Luxurious Look

Velvet Window Hangings Luxurious Look

In the coming years, people will prioritize style and functionality of their place’s interiors. Velvet window hangings are one such type that increases elegance and makes your space more functional. This type of window curtain comes in different colors ranging from neutral to rich jewel shades, and their different styles, like crushed, chenille, and embroidered curtains, will give your space a luxurious and contemporary look.

The longevity of these curtains can be increased by regular cleaning and maintenance. Regular dusting and vacuuming is the best way to make them look new and fresh. Installing them close to the window panels will help to reduce the incoming noise and control breezes, thus ensuring a warmth and cozy ambiance.

Polyester Blackout Curtains| Budget-Friendly

Polyester Blackout Curtains

Now, you can elevate your space with polyester blackout window hangings without breaking the bank. This fabric is easy to clean, and its various shades complement them in any space. A combination of cotton and polyester can customize these window coverings, and both fabrics help block out light and balance each other. You can use cotton as an outer layer that will give an elegant look to your space, while a polyester layer insulates and regulates the temperature of your area.

The dense weave of the polyester makes them efficient in blocking out UV rays. The polyester curtains with a rod pocket make their installation more effortless, and their moisture-absorbing feature makes them stay longer. You can make this addition more beneficial by selecting polyester curtains with a flame-resistant property.

Linen Blackout Window Coverings | Natural Look

Linen Blackout Window Coverings Natural Look

Now, you don’t need to compromise on enhancing the visual appeal of your space because the different colors and designs of these window hangings, ranging from solid, mixed, or two-tone shades, give your space an elevated interior look. These curtains are designed to effectively reduce gaps, preventing light from seeping through.

These window hangings are crafted with overlying panels, velcro and magnetic closure, and additional width to ensure complete coverage. These features make them more effective, and their interwoven construction gives your space a contemporary and natural look. You can also customize these window coverings to complement the interior of your place.

Cotton Blackout Window Curtains | Sleek Appearance

Cotton Blackout Window Curtains Sleek Appearance

Cotton fabric gives a sleek and modern look to your space, with a perfect liner or backing, it helps adding a blackout theme to the interior. You can also enhance their functionality by adding an additional blackout liner. These blackout coverings have a foam backing, which enhances their functionality.

The various colors with geometric, floral, and striped patterns add a stylish modification to your place. These window hangings regulate the temperature of your place by blocking drafts and sunlight and give your window treatments a silky and smooth finish. You can also enhance the longevity of these window coverings by regular maintenance.

Find Your Perfect Fit: Blackout Types & Fabric in 2024 

Now you have a proper understanding of different fabric types for blackout window hangings, be strategic while purchasing this type of window treatment. Select the one that not only meets with the interior of your space but also enhances functionality.

Some evergreen types of blackout theme oriented window covers are listed below:

  • Blackout Lined Curtains
  • Foam-backed window hangings
  • Thermal Lined Curtains
  • Blackout Grommet Curtains
  • Rod Pocket Curtains

Estimate your budget and invest in these effective blackout window curtains. Not all blackout hangings are expensive; you can purchase budget-friendly, still effective hangings with all the necessary features like cotton and polyester.

Wrapping up!

When it comes to blackout curtains, various colors, styles, designs, and fabric options are available in the market. Select the one that doesn’t get outdated and fulfills the requirements of your space. The tightly woven fabrics like velvet, linen, microfiber, cotton, and polyester are designed to make them an energy-efficient, privacy, and light-blocking option. These window treatments not only elevate the functionality of your place but also add eye-catching element to the entire interior theme. Invest in these window hangings and elevate the interior and functionality of your space.

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