Blackout Curtains Reviews 2024 | Are These Curtains Any Good? 

Blackout curtains are one of the most useful options for window covering and they have always been a popular choice for all homeowners. These curtains provide a range of benefits such as room darkening, noise reduction, temperature balancing, room, insulation, and window beautification. They are the best choice to consider if you want to create a disruption-free interior and improve your sleep quality.

Moreover, we’ve also got you a number of best Blackout Curtains Reviews to help you make advantageous purchases. In this detailed discussion by Online Curtains, we’ll be going through various aspects, features and benefits of blackout window curtains and why they are a great choice. Additionally, we’ve also recommended blackout curtain fabrics to help you choose from.

Everything You Need To Know About Room Darkening Curtains

Everything You Need To Know About Room Darkening Curtains

Up ahead, we’ve got you all the information that’s necessary to choose the most perfect window curtains for your windows, in addition to all the pros of blackout window drapes.

5 Best Blackout Curtains

These are the most useful fabric recommendations for blackout window treatments. All of them are durable, heavy-duty, low-maintenance, aesthetically versatile, and useful.

  1. Blackout Cotton Curtains

Cotton is a natural fabric option for room darkening curtains and such curtains are ideally hard-wearing.

They are breathable and hypoallergenic and will create a cozy environment in the room. Besides, cotton blackout drapes are highly durable, easy to clean, and come in multiple design choices for every interior theme.

Best For: We recommend using Blackout Cotton Curtains for

BedroomsKitchensNurseriesMedia Rooms Home Offices


  • Blackout Polyester Curtains

Polyester blackout curtains are great at room darkening and energy efficiency. These

curtains are highly resistant to stains, marks, and UV damage, and can regulate the temperature really well.

Also, these curtains are an eco-friendly and affordable choice. You can shop for polyester room darkening curtains in multiple colors and designs.

Best For: We recommend installing Polyester Blackout Curtains in:

Living RoomsBedroomsTheatersHome OfficesKids’ Rooms

  • Blackout Microfiber Curtains

Microfiber is another useful choice for making Blackout coverings. Curtains made from this fabric provide an exceptional level of room darkening and noise dampening. They demand low-maintenance to keep their looks fresh. Available in versatile styles, microfiber blackout drapes can make your rooms super cozy.

Best For: We recommend hanging Blackout Microfiber Curtains in:
Rooms with outdoor lightingBedrooms of night shift workersGuest Rooms

Living Rooms Hallways

  • Blackout Linen Curtains

Blackout drapes made from linen fabric are greatly long-lasting, completely natural, breathable and luxurious. They are really easy to clean and can insulate your area, contributing to lesser energy expenses. Additionally, these curtains are an excellent choice for people with allergies or similar problems, and they improve air quality too.

Best For: We recommend the installation of Linen Blackout Curtains in:

BathroomsHome OfficesHotel RoomsBedroomsMedia Rooms

  • Blackout Acrylic Curtains 

Acrylic coated room darkening curtains block out all the incoming light and noise and help maintain a comfortable atmosphere. These curtains are thick and energy-efficient and will provide complete privacy protection. Because they offer resistance against moisture and stains, so can also be installed outdoors. You can have them in many unique styles.

Best For: We recommend buying blackout acrylic curtains for:

Retail StoresBedroomsPatiosPergolas Gazebos

Perks And Pros Of Blackout Style Curtains

Perks And Pros Of Blackout Style Curtains

Take a look at the benefits of using blackout-theme providing curtains:

  • Better Sleep Quality:
    Blackout window curtains can majorly improve your sleep quality as well as sleep cycle by providing you with a disruption-free interior.
  • Effective Room Darkening:
    These curtains are excellent at room darkening and will block out all the natural and artificial light entering your interiors. This way you can rest and sleep without any disturbance, even during the day.
  • Privacy Protection:
    These curtains are thick and opaque, hence cover the windows, doors, and glass panels completely, blocking out all the view. They help you get complete and flawless privacy, and peace of mind.
  • Noise Reduction:
    The thick and backed structure of blackout drapes effectively minimizes all the sounds coming from outside. This helps you sleep, work, read or watch anything without any interference or disturbance.
  • Window Beautification:
    These curtains are available in multiple colors and patterns. Moreover, you can also use them in combination with other curtains for a trendy window look and interior styling.
  • Room Insulation:
    These curtains are thick and have an insulating blackout lining as well, which helps reduce heat loss from interiors and keeps them warm and cozy.
  • Energy Efficiency:
    With blackout room curtains, you won’t have to use HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems a lot and can reduce your energy expenses. These curtains also balance the interior temperature well.
  • Easy Maintenance: Most blackout covers are really easy to clean and care for. They are highly stain and UV resistant and don’t require any costly cleaners or professional maintenance services.
  • Relief From Light Sensitivity: Blackout window covers are an amazing choice for light-sensitive people and they can put an end to all the discomfort caused by bright light such as headaches, migraines or strain on the eyes.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Blackout Curtains 

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Blackout Curtains

When buying Blackout curtains, you need to take care of various factors in order to get the most suitable curtains and fulfill all your requirements. We have mentioned all the guidelines to help you choose the best and most effective blackout room drapes.

  • Light Blocking Ability:

Look for curtains with maximum efficiency to block out natural and artificial lights. Opaque curtains are great at 100% light blocking, while others provide up to 90% of darkness.

  • Material And Style: 

Choose materials that are long-lasting, heavy-duty and versatile, so that your investment can serve you for long. You can choose between different styles like light-filtering, room darkening or blackout drapes.

  • Size And Measurements:

The length of the curtain, depends on your preferences, however for a complete and effective room darkening, it’s best to get floor-to-ceiling or full-length curtains.

  • Color And Pattern: 

If your interior has a lot of patterns and prints, choose solid-colored blackout room curtains and if you have a sleek and plain interior, go with printed or patterned blackout drapes in complementing designs.

  • Hanging Method:

Choose blackout coverings with pinch-pleat or grommet heading style for maximum room darkening. If you want a more decorative window treatment, go for rod-pocket or tab-top header styles.

  • Room Requirements: 

Always consider the purpose and functional requirements of your room while buying thick-fabric curtains. Shop for these curtains for areas like bedrooms, guest rooms, living rooms, and offices.

  • Energy Efficiency: 

Choose curtains with greater ability of room insulation, because such curtains will keep your interiors warm and comfortable and will help reduce energy expenses as well. You can get double blackout room curtains for effective light control and better energy efficiency.

  • Care And Maintenance:

Opt for low-maintenance and easy to clean curtains that are suitable for your lifestyle. Check the care label and maintenance guidelines before buying any curtains and follow them for prolonging the life of your curtains.

  • Address Light Leaks:

Once your curtains have been installed, open and close them a few times to check for any leaking light beams. For a blackout interior theme, always keep your curtains longer and wider than the window frame.

  • Professional Installation: 

The best way to hang blackout-theme providing window covers and to benefit maximally from them is to get professional installation services. You can also install curtains after getting a complete knowledge on header styling and fabric sensitivity.

  • Budget:

Pricing structure is an essential factor to consider when you shop for a window treatment. Always go through different shops to ensure market pricing structure and then buy the best quality fabric within your budget. You can find lots of reasonably priced blackout window curtain options.

How We Tested The Blackout Curtains

How We Tested The Blackout Curtains

Online Curtains is a top-rated window treatment specialist store in the UAE. We have served endless home and business owners with our premium-quality window curtains and blinds. The blackout curtain options we’ve mentioned earlier are the finest choices for every residential and commercial interior. They have been tested and proven to be excellent at light blocking, noise reduction, room insulation, and energy efficiency.

The curtain varieties we mentioned have been tested in real-time for various criteria like ease Of Installation, Build Quality, Room Darkening Efficiency, Noise Reduction, Smoothness Of Movements, and Value For Money.

This way, you can rest assured that the blackout curtain types available at our platform are highly beneficial and will be a great home improvement investment. Our Cotton, Polyester, Microfiber, Linen and Cotton-polyester blend curtains are the best choice to consider if you want to achieve maximum and flawless room darkening and comfort enhancement. These curtains are not just incredibly functional but also really favorable for improved sleep quality, health and overall well-being. They will also provide you with a Healthy Indoor Air Quality and an allergen and dust free environment.

Where To Use Blackout Home Curtains

Where To Use Blackout Home Curtains

Blackout window curtains are a highly versatile window treatment option and you can use them in all areas of your homes. Plus, they are an excellent choice for commercial spaces too.

Residential Areas To Install Blackout Drapes In

  • Bedrooms
  • Kids’ Rooms
  • Nurseries
  • Living Rooms
  • Libraries
  • Study Rooms
  • Home Offices
  • Outdoors

Commercial Areas To Hang Blackout Coverings In 

  • Power Offices
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Conference Halls
  • Cubicles
  • Receptions
  • Sensitive/Confidential Areas
  • Training Rooms
  • Galleries
  • Museums
  • Hospitals
  • Theaters
  • Media Rooms
  • Recording Studios
  • Hotels And Restaurants

Additional Tips To Gain Maximum Functionality From Blackout Room Curtains 

Additional Tips To Gain Maximum Functionality From Blackout Room Curtains

Here are some bonus ideas for you to enhance the efficiency of your blackout window drapes and make them perfectly suitable for all your aesthetic and functional requirements:

  • Ensure Accurate Installation: Proper installation of blackout window curtains is highly essential to fully enable their room darkening properties. It’s always the best idea to invest in professional curtain fitting services for flawless results.
  • Get Additional Lining: You can also buy a separate blackout lining for your present room curtains and have it attached to their back for effective light blockage. Doing so will also provide you with better sound dampening and insulation.
  • Choose Proper Measurements: Choose curtains that are bigger than your windows to ensure proper light blockage. Moreover, install them close to the wall and ceiling so that no ray of light can enter your interiors.
  • Have Proper Curtain Heading: Go for header styles like pinch pleat or pencil pleat as they offer high coverage and don’t let any light leak into the room. Consider buying extra curtain fabric for proper pleating and complete window coverage.
  • Combine Window Treatments: For an even better control over light, you can pair blackout curtains with sheers or other transparent or translucent fabrics. This way, you can make your interiors brighter-looking without the need for artificial lights.
  • Invest In External Window Covering: You can have external window blinds, shutters or shades for a more effective light and noise blocking. This will also save your curtains from fading due to intense sunlight or intense atmosphere.

Summing Up

This was our research on Blackout Curtains Reviews 2024; Facts, Benefits And Styling TipsBlackout curtains are indeed the best interior decor element when it comes to improving the comfort and beauty of every area and to create a cozy atmosphere. Moreover, these curtains help with a sound sleep as well, leading to various health benefits. Also, you can decorate your homes in versatile ways with them and they are easy to maintain too. We hope that this informative guide provides you with plenty of knowledge and helps you in choosing the finest window treatment for your commercial and residential buildings.

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