Online Curtains AE vs IKEA | Which One Is The Best?

When it comes to shopping for interior furnishing elements and window covering treatments, a lot of online brands can be seen on the list. Online Curtains and IKEA are the top-rated retailers to provide modern furnishing treatments for the finest yet functional decoration. You can purchase high-quality products with quality assurance from these online stores.

Both brands are famous in UAE because of their unmatched interior design treatments. However, when it comes to the selection of one brand among the two of them, you’ll find significant differences. We’ve prepared this comparison guide to let you know which brand offers the best treatments and is suitable for you in servicing aspects.

Online Curtains Vs. IKEA

Let’s get to know the pros and cons of selecting Online Curtains.

Online Curtains

Onlinecurtains is the leading brand across Dubai to provide premium quality interior design accessories. From this online store, you can purchase window coverings of any style to match the modern and traditional interior schemes of residential and commercial locations.


Wide Curtains Variety

Wide Curtains Variety

At their store, you’ll find a boundless variety of curtains and blinds that are made out of various synthetic, natural, and combination of both materials. For window coverings, you can pick from a wide range of materials including sheer, cotton, linen, blackout, silk, velvet, lace, and polyester.

For styles, you can select enormous styles for eyelet, grommet, pinch pleat, tab top, and box pleat. Additionally, you can pick your favorite light or dark color tone for these window coverings. The window covering essentials available at their store match the functionality and aesthetics of any space.

Curtain Customization Facility

Curtain Customization Facility

By selecting this brand, you can get another exclusive service for personalized window treatments. This aspect will help you find the perfect fit for window styling. For the customization of blinds and curtains, they offer flexibility in many ways.

You can customize your curtain’s colors, designs, textures, patterns, and prints to suit your style and taste. Additionally, curtains’ dimensions can be customized to align with the exact window frame measurements. Their servicing provide you with the required window treatments.

Curtain Installation, Fixing & Repair Services

Curtain Installation, Fixing & Repair Services

Another beneficial advantage of selecting this brand is to acquire professional treatment for fixing curtains and blinds on windows. They have skillful curtains installers and technicians to mount blinds of every type and style on windows.

Whether it’s simple or motorized coverings, their professionals ensure accuracy and precision. Additionally, you can get the damaged hardware replaced and curtain repair treatment to restore the functionality and style of your interiors.

Free Shipping Services

Free Shipping Services

One of the best benefits of booking them is that you can get on-time shipping of your ordered essentials. After booking your order online for window coverings, they’ll send you a confirmation mail.

Your chosen product will be delivered to your intended residential and commercial location on time. The best part of their services is that you can avail of the discounts and free shipping on orders above AED 500.

Physical Stores In UAE

One of the best things for client satisfaction is that you will find the physical stores of this brand in the United Arab Emirates. For your convenience in shopping and utmost satisfaction, you can visit their store in person.

You will get the advantage of flexible payment when shopping from their physical stores. At the client’s request, they provide extraordinary discounts and throw festive and occasional sales.


Along with exceptional pros, selecting them can have a disadvantage as well.

No Ready Made Curtains

You won’t find a ready-made variety of curtains at their store. This brand delivers the best-customized essentials for the finest window styling. They take orders for custom window treatments for personalized decors. You can bring timeless functionality and aesthetics to your interiors by hanging their perfectly customized window coverings.


IKEA is an online customer-centric brand to provides trendy furnishing essentials. You can buy interior design elements of classic, contemporary, and vintage styles for decorating your homes, offices, and villas. Selecting this brand will give you some exclusive benefits that are listed below.


Broad Range Of Ready Made Curtains

Broad Range Of Ready Made Curtains

At IKEA stores, you’ll find an astonishing range of curtains and blinds ready to hang on windows. You can get timeless decor solutions by purchasing pre-made window treatments for your interior revampings.

From lightweight to heavyweight, dense to translucent, and neutral to embroidered, every type and style of ready-to-install window dressing is available at their store. You can create a coordinating and cohesive interior by shopping curtains from their superstores.

Easy Returns And Exchanges

By selecting this trustworthy shop, you will get another service benefit of flexible returns and exchange of products. As per the company’s terms and policies, you can ask for a refund of the purchased product. With a flexible process, you can exchange your product in the specified time.


Limited Curtains Variety Compared to Onlinecurtains

Although they stock an amazing variety of curtains, compared to Onlinecurtains, they have limited options. This is because they don’t offer the facility of customized curtains. From this store, you can only select curtains from the pre-made collection.

To End Up!

Online Curtains is a trustworthy brand for providing window covering treatments of trendy modern and vintage traditional designs for every type of interior setting. IKEA is a brand that provides every sort of furnishing element for functionality and comfort provision. When it comes to making a selection between one of these brands, Online Curtains will be ideally suitable for you in many aspects.

This is because, you can get any kind of window curtain treatment whether it’s installation, fixing, repair, or customizations from them. Above all, they ensure customer satisfaction by providing festive discounts, featured sales, free guidance tips, and selling curtain accessories as well.

We have added a table here that ideally summarizes the key differences between the two online retailers.

Feature Onlinecurtains. ae Ikea
Selection Large Large
Customization Yes No
Price Affordable Competitive
Physical stores Yes No
Returns and exchanges Free Easy
Customer service Excellent Slow to respond
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